By Way of Explanation … It’s Alive!

OK … pushing aside the cobwebs here …

The blog returns to life.

1544537850_e02decf452_zBy way of explanation, let’s go back to several months ago when I was laid off by Klat as a paid contributor to  I decided to continue here at WordPress while figuring out how to make things work, and one of the things I found right away was that providing minor-league coverage only was not going to produce sufficient traffic.  So I knew I had to expand to more major-league analysis … kind of on the fly.

At that point I had my “Spectometer” tools, which were designed to project which minor-leaguers had a good shot at major-league success.  They also had the advantage of being designed to not require any special stats only available in modern MLB parks.  That is, they apply down to the low minors and also backward in time.  That’s very valuable, but it also leaves a lot on the table when doing MLB analysis.

And that became evident when I wanted to follow up more systematically on some of the things I discovered and developed in the course of my “What the Heck Happened to the Mariners’ Offense in July?” series.

I felt I needed some better tools, and I wanted to get them right.  So I took the time.

And I think the results are pretty interesting.  We’ll see.  But I didn’t want to rush into a sub-par series of articles.

That being said, I also didn’t intend for the blog to come to a dead stop.  But once it did, I couldn’t undo it, so I just let it ride awhile.  Also, it got to the point where I knew I would be doing a lengthy series of statistical analysis stuff, and that was probably better suited to the offseason, rather than “stepping on” the playoff race.

So that’s how things ended up kind of shuttered for awhile.

But now we’re letting the breeze blow through again.

And before we start our lengthy technical stuff … three things you should know.


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