Game 98 + Minors Rewind: Broken Arrow

@@7569418498_55653ba2b9_z== Failure to launch … ==

Say this about Fernando Rodney: what you see is what you get.

The crooked hat, the bow-and-arrow bit, the inordinate number of baserunners, the occasional blown save.

It’s a package deal.

So far, the deal has been worth it for the Mariners.

Though I do have the feeling that if there are crucial games in September and October (let’s hope so) … we may see Brandon Maurer on the hill in the final frame.  If so, it won’t be because of Sunday’s antics, though.  It will be because he has a better chance of winning games.


Also remember that Rodney has a history with LAAA.

He signed on with the Angels in 2010 after a 37-save season in Detroit.  A two-year $11 million deal.

The first year, the Halos gave him 21 save opportunities.  He blew seven of them.  The second year, he got seven chances and blew four.

Apparently he is not fondly remembered in Anaheim.

So no surprise the premature arrow gesture was not well-received.

But it’s a stretch to conclude it changed the outcome very much.

Live by the arrow, die by the arrow.


Daily Prospect-palooza

  • It’s been a tough year so far for the “Next Generation” — the young starters set to emerge in the next few years as the successors to the temporarily-ill-fated Big Three.  Victor Sanchez struggled early, Tyler Pike has given up a huge number of walks, Edwin Diaz has been through some wobbly periods, and Luiz Gohara was running a 9.58 ERA after his promotion to Everett.
  • But recently things have been turning around, particularly  for Sanchez and Diaz.  And Sunday Gohara joined them with a turnabout showing: 6.0 IP, 4 H, 1 ER, 1 BB, 5 K.  Corey Simpson also helped out with a home run (his 5th).
  • Pike had a smaller walks total, but that didn’t help much: 3.2 IP, 3 H, 6 ER, 2 BB, 6 K.
  • Chris Taylor had four hits for the second time in three games for Tacoma.
  • High Desert had lost two games in a row by a 10-9 score, so losing 12-11 Sunday was another heartbreak.  Grand Salami Time for Jordy Lara (his 18th homer) was not enough.
  • Clinton also had a heartbreak, giving up one in the 9th and one in the 10th to lose 4-3.  Jack Reinheimer got his 29th steal along the way.
  • Finally, Estarlyn Morales led Pulaski to a narrow win with a triple, two singles, a walk and a stolen base.

One thought on “Game 98 + Minors Rewind: Broken Arrow

  1. Judging from LA and Tampa, it appears the FRE lasts about two seasons before teams tire of the whole thing and look elsewhere. If so, Jack was smart to sign Rodney to a two year contract.

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