Game 97 + Minors Rewind: Packing Heat!

sucre1== Plus LoMo-a-go-go in the 12th ==

Jesus Sucre as heroic figure!

Did you catch Sucre?

Making the little “casually blow the smoke off the end of my pistol” gesture while running off the field after gunning down Josh Hamilton?

Video clip here.

I mean, this guy’s been in the majors for, what, five minutes?

Plus an RBI single in a low-scoring trench-warfare brawl.

He won’t hit much, but, sure, I think we’re glad he’s in our foxhole.


And Logan Morrison is actually only 5-for-40 in his last 10 games, but that’s with a BABIP of .125.  Everyone has been saying he’s about to bust out, and busting out in the 12th inning of a death match playoff preview against a division rival? Good timing, Lo.


And here’s why these games mean so much:

LA Angels 58 38 .604 33-16 25-22 483 394 +89 Lost 1 8-2
Seattle 52 45 .536 24-26 28-19 383 326 +57 Won 1 4-6
NY Yankees 50 47 .515 2 21-23 29-24 389 418 -29 Won 3 6-4
Toronto 51 48 .515 2 27-22 24-26 445 424 +21 Won 2 4-6
Cleveland 50 48 .510 2.5 29-19 21-29 438 437 +1 Lost 1 7-3
Kansas City 48 49 .495 4 22-25 26-24 388 392 -4 Lost 3 3-7
Chicago Sox 47 51 .480 5.5 26-21 21-30 418 439 -21 Won 2 6-4
Boston 46 52 .469 6.5 26-26 20-26 380 410 -30 Won 4 7-3

Of course things can change, but, face it, the Blue Jays and Royals have already taken their best shot (so it seems).  Cleveland’s little roll has them within shouting distance, but can they stay there?  The Yanks are deeply flawed, and floating four full games above their Pythagorean projection, while the M’s are four games under it.

Based on the red numbers in the “Diff” column, there are two teams in a race for two openings — and another one-game death match for a spot in a Division Series.

After these two coin-flip arm-wresting matches, it’s setting up to be very interesting.


Brandon Maurer as the wild card of the Wild Card?  The Secret Weapon of Koji Uehara or Sergio Romo proportions?

Think about it.


Daily Prospect-palooza

  • Jordan Pries has been having an excellent year, but not Saturday.  Toasted for 7 ER in 4.0 IP in Reno.
  • Victor Sanchez, however, has been living up to the hype.  At 19, he’s been on a roll in Jackson.  No decision Saturday, but another solid outing: 6.0 IP, 4 H, 3 R, 2 ER, 2 BB, 4 K.
  • High Desert lost 10-9 in the 9th for the second night in a row.  Ouch.  But Jabari Henry had his 20th homer.
  • I’ve been skipping over Clinton a lot, since, frankly, with Austin Wilson and Tyler O’Neill on the DL, there aren’t very many interesting players there, and, sorry to say, the LumberKings haven’t really been very good.  But they had a good night on Saturday featuring a homer from Chantz Mack.
  • Pulaski lost a close one, but had another interesting relief outing for Ugueth Urbina (Jr.) (2.0 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 3 K).
  • Rehabbing Nate Tenbrink had a double and a walk for the Arizona rookies, and Golden Boy Alex Jackson also doubled.

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