Game 96 + Minors Rewind: Not-so-Sweet 16

@@sweet_16_rainbow_cake_by_gothicfox101-d5aid7v== Is there a baseball version of penalty kicks? ==

Actually, it turns out that there is a baseball version of penalty kicks.  Kind of.  One of the complaints about international baseball when it was getting booted from the Olympics was that there was no set ending and games could go on for … well … five hours and 14 minutes, to pick a number at random (or from Friday night’s game).

So, in one of the weirdest rules ever (except maybe for the one that said that, since the Astros didn’t sign Brady Aiken, they couldn’t use the “extra” bonus money to sign the other guy they were going to sign with his … oh, I can’t even explain it it’s so weird …) …

Anyway … in 2008 international baseball adopted a rule that, starting with the 11th inning, the hitting team would start with runners on first and second.  Here’s the actual description of the rule:

The new extra-inning format will allow for each manager to select two consecutive batters from anywhere in their respective lineup to start the 11th on first and second base. The next batter in the lineup would then be the batter that starts the inning at the plate. Once those players/runners are determined for the 11th inning, the order of any subsequent innings will be determined by how the previous inning ended. That is, if the 11th inning ends with the No. 6 hitter having the last official at bat, then the 12th inning begins the No. 7 hitter at bat, and the No. 5 hitter at 2B and the No. 6 hitter at first base.

So would you want a playoff game decided with that format?


Point being, the Mariners could have used a rule in which the manager got to pick two guys to be on base.

They didn’t have two guys on base in the same inning from the 8th on.  No, wait, I double checked, and they did in the 13th.  But still.  Hard to score runs that way.  Which, oh by the way, they didn’t.

But you can’t expect a game in which Endy Chavez gets eight plate appearances to have tons of offense.


The bullpen kept the Angels of Anaheim at bay for a loooong time, but the final bullet in the chamber — Dominic Leone — gave up a double to Mike Trout and couldn’t keep him from coming home.

I’m not sure if Tom Wilhelmsen‘s 4.0 IP makes it more or less likely that he’ll get a “bullpen” start on Tuesday (he’d have three days rest).  Probably less likely, since the rest of the bullpen was taxed by this game (though four guys went less than an inning).  But it may make them want to stretch him out more going forward.

I’m guessing Erasmo Ramirez will get the Tuesday start once they juggle the roster.


Daily Prospect-palooza

  • Mariners affiliates scoreboard here.
  • The big deal, of course, was Taijuan Walker going for Tacoma with the extra day of rest (which is why the Tuesday start — originally earmarked for him — is an open question).  Result: 5.0 IP, 7 H, 2 ER, 3 BB, 1 K.  Just one strikeout and 90 pitches to get through 5.0 IP.  That’s not going to cause them to rush him back up to the big leagues.
  • Not being negative, but it wouldn’t shock me if they keep him in AAA for more polish this year before shutting him down early and trying again in 2015.
  • Jesus Montero got his 13th homer and Chris Taylor got four hits to boost Tacoma to the win, though.
  • Is Patrick Kivlehan catching up with D.J. Peterson on the pecking order?  It’s being discussed.  He’s certainly turning some of the Kivle-skeptics (like me) into Kivle-fans.  He got his 16th homer of the year, plus a double on Friday.
  • And one of our great prospect-identification triumphs … Stephen Landazuri: 7.0 IP, 4 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 5 K.  We’ve been touting him since 2012 or something.
  • Of course, I just did a bit about Grady Wood giving up so few homers in Adelanto, so like clockwork he gives up a homer in Adelanto.  With two out in the 9th.  To lose the game 10-9.
  • Travis Witherspoon got his 12th homer plus his 21st and 22nd steals.  Jordy Lara got his 17th homer, and Patrick Brady got his 3rd.  But not enough.
  • One-time highly-touted prospect Phillips Castillo got his 4th homer for Everett, but he’s cooled off since his hot start.
  • And finally in Arizona the Golden Boy Alex Jackson went deep for the 2nd time this year.  His stats look pretty nice (.296/.342/.507), but with a lot of strikeouts so far.

2 thoughts on “Game 96 + Minors Rewind: Not-so-Sweet 16

  1. Is Jordy Lara anything interesting. I know the numbers are good but he’s a first baseman in High Desert, they pretty much have to Fe good. Do you think he’s headed to Jackson any time soon?

    • At age 23, he’s a little old for the league. But just a little. That’s the only problem I see with him. Other than that, he looks great. Hits at home and away, hits lefties and righties. I’m pretty impressed.

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