Left-Handed Tilt: Dayan Viciedo as Solution?


[In light of trade rumors, I have bumped this March 7 article to the top.

Yes, I’d want to avoid giving up newly thermonuclear Brandon Maurer for him, but any other RH reliever and a prospect, sure.]


== Now here is a heat-seeking missile aimed directly at LH pitching ==

That’s maybe all you can say, but you can say it loud.  Cuban outfielder Dayan Viciedo of the White Sox is a beast against lefty pitching.

Other than that, he’s nothing too special against right-handers, suspect on defense (except for his arm), has no speed, is not exactly sleek and athletic, is arbitration-eligible, and is out of options.

All of which may make him expendable to the ChiSox, but just right for the RH-deficient Mariners, who need a RH hitter to share DH with Logan Morrison or play in the outfield when Corey Hart can’t.

Meanwhile, Viciedo (vee-see-AY-do) must make the White Sox 25-man roster or face designation for assignment, and is not assured of a regular job.

So is there a match here?


Viciedo was signed out of Cuba in 2008 and is known as The Tank.  Or El Tanque Cubano.  The Mariners already have a “Tank” in Tyler O’Neill, but that can be worked out.

And he is tank-like, listed at 5-foot-11, 230 — but the latter figure appears maybe a bit of an understatement.

But, boy, can he make a baseball go a long way.  Here’s a highlight reel:

And here’s a spray chart:


And how about some numbers?  The first set compares major plate outcomes to the 10-year MLB average.  The final three columns are our Brainstorm Designer Stats measuring “non-random offensive results” — avoidance of non-random outs, production of non-random offense, and the composite of the two.

PA HR%+ BB%+ K%+ XBH%+ PSA+ Conv+ Comp
vs. RHP 899 119 60 68 87 59 83 42
vs. LHP 336 176 64 114 149 105 126 131
Overall 1235 135 61 80 104 72 95 67

So his aversion to walks is a prodigious as his power.  But he strikes out at a much better rate vs. LHP, and his power against lefties is just huge.

If he could figure out how to draw a walk now and then, he’d be something.

But that’s the point.  He’s had two years as an almost-full-time player and he hasn’t really made any progress.  In fact, except for his HR-rate dipping, his 2013 season was pretty much identical to his 2012 season, and it’s hard to pencil in a guy every day with a .300 OBP no matter how much power he’s got.  And Viciedo’s .146 ISO vs. RHP isn’t going to make up for that on most days.

So the ChiSox acquired Diamondback prospect Adam Eaton (not the former Padre pitcher), leaving Viciedo and fellow 2013 starter Alejandro De Aza to compete for the remaining playing time.

As noted, Viciedo is out of options, and the Pale Hose may face a roster squeeze as they try to retain franchise cornerstone Paul Konerko while also making room for another Cuban, newcomer Jose Abreu.  Those two are limited to 1b/DH, as is Adam Dunn.  So keeping an extra corner-OF type like Viciedo may not be possible.  De Aza and Jordan Danks (brother of pitcher John Danks) can both play center.

All of which adds up to a possible trade scenario.

I would not give up Nick Franklin for a guy who will be a part-time corner outfielder in danger of being DFA’d — no way.  But if Viciedo could be had for spare parts, sign me up.


6 thoughts on “Left-Handed Tilt: Dayan Viciedo as Solution?

  1. So… we have our own “questionable contributor” who is out of options. WIll the Pale Hose acept Noesi for Viciedo? (LOVE the Spray Chart!)

  2. I’ve been curious about Viciedo once Eaton had been acquired. His career splits over at fangraphs shows his opposite field power (.296 ISO) is greater than his pull power (.231 ISO). Would be an interesting platoon bat for any team with a friendlier LF porch like the M’s or Yankees.

  3. I would love to get Dayan… but the White Sox are already struggling to get down to the 40 man limit, so I doubt they want anyone to help the team this year.
    Maybe we can talk ’em into Ruffin and Landry… or something like that.

  4. that would be “…friendlier RF porch”, yes?
    I’d push the button on Ruffin + Landry for Viciedo in a heartbeat! (What else are we gonna do with ’em?!)

  5. I still LOVE the spray chart… still would love to trade Noesi to the White Sox for Viciedo…. OOPS- that train has left the station, already! (o;

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