Thoughts on Kid on Receiving End of Kyle Seager’s Epic 11-Pitch At-Bat Home Run


[In light of the news that the Mariners have the best record in baseball since the day of the ET-T11-PABHR, I decided to bump up this article that I originally posted on April 24, the next day.]


We know he was wearing a Griffey jersey, and Pal on the Right had some cool ’70s retro-Mariner gear.

We also know the ball took a remarkable sideways bounce directly into his hands.

e11pabhr4Hollywood-style, Fate met KoREoKSETT11-PABHR in the 7th inning.  And he was there to embrace it.

But we have to wonder.

Was he ready to bail?

Was he going through a mental checklist of other sports that might be more rewarding?


Lacrosse?  ESPNU has lacrosse.

Rowing?  Those other channels have rowing sometimes.


Women’s curling?

Swedish women’s curling!  Saw that during the Olympics.

“Can you follow a sport that’s only on every four years?

“Can you get, like, Swedish satellite channels?

“Is it on YouTube?

“Wow, Seager is fouling off a lot of pitches.

“Is there Swedish Hulu?

“Boy, that cross-country skiiing was boring though.  Why did they even put that on TV?  Baseball’s absolutely got cross-country skiing beat.  So there’s that.

“I mean, you’d be like … OK Olympics is on … and it would be, like, hours of cross-country skiing … and you’d be like, hello? snowboarding? … Swedish women’s curling? …

“Seager is still up?

“Still contemplating rowing …

“And … whooooooooooooooooo!!! ….


“Love that Kyle Seager!

“That was AWEsome!

“OK.  Rowing is out.  Still wondering about lacrosse … ”



2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Kid on Receiving End of Kyle Seager’s Epic 11-Pitch At-Bat Home Run

  1. I had a ballgame on the other day. When it was over tennis came on. It was McEnroe / Lendl. Not a classic replay from the 80’s, but an actual 2014 event! Who knew those guys were still playing 🙂

  2. Hey Spec, Off topic, but I bet you might get a little more action if you have a way to move the recent comments up to the top instead of near the bottom of the column. If you could switch it around with Archives, that would certainly cause me to check it, see what folks are saying, and weigh in a little more often.

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