Game 77 + Minors Rewind: LoMo Whoa!

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News Update: D.J. Peterson promoted to AA Jackson — and about time.  My goodness has he been knocking the proverbial stuffing out of the ball.  18 HR, 23 doubles, 23 walks.  Enough High Desert for him.

Also, Deej and Gabriel Guerrero will be headed to the Futures Game (Deej: U.S.; Guerrero: World, naturally).  I think Gaby’s numbers are High Desert-inflated, but I don’t suppose it’s the right day to be pointing that out.


Well, there’s not much to add to what Logan Morrison did Monday night: 4-for-4, 2 HR, 2 singles and a walk.

Since returning from injury: .244/.306/.556 with a BABIP of .226.  In other words, his numbers are diminished by bad fortune.  A few more singles drop in and you’re looking at .900 OPS.

If you don’t recall, LoMo OPS’d .837 as a 22-year-old rookie, with 20 doubles, 7 triples and 41 walks in 62 games.

That beast-mode LoMo would “Wally Pipp” almost anyone.


Was there deeper meaning in Dave Simms dropping the “Pipp” reference with respect to Justin Smoak?  I don’t know if there has to be.  Since neither Morrison nor Corey Hart looks capable of playing in the outfield, then only two of those three are going to be in the lineup at a time.  Looks like Smoak will be the loser on meritocracy grounds.


And Felix: cruise control.  Only six swinging strikes.  Yeah OK whatever.

  • boxscore here.


Daily Prospect-palooza

  • Mariners affiliates scoreboard here.
  • Tacoma got the win for Brandon Maurer (in relief, of course).  He struck out four in 2.0 IP.  Nick Franklin homered, as did rehabbing Justin Smoak.  Fellow rehabber Michael Saunders was 4-for-5 with two doubles.
  • Dan Paolini had two doubles for Jackson.
  • The aforementioned Deej said his farewell to the desert in a 15-11 loss, but not without a final homer into the Adelanto air.  Tyler Smith also homered and had two singles.
  • The Arizona rookies went to the 10th tied at 10-10 before the game was suspended.  Isaiah Yates had a homer, a single and a walk while play was ongoing.

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