And a Final 2014 Draft Item



== The Mariners have THREE first-round draft picks!  (if you go by June 2013) ==

I was searching around a bit with respect to Hawtin Buchanan, the Ole Miss reliever the Mariners took in the 20th round of the draft.

It turns out he only pitched 11.0 IP all season, and had an ERA of 8.18.  And three games into the College World Series, he hasn’t appeared.  Nor did he appear in the super-regional; or the regional; or the SEC tournament.

In fact, he hasn’t pitched in competition since a 16-9 game against Arkansas State on May 13, in which he went 0.2 IP and gave up 5 ER.

And it turns out that one year ago he was considered a first-round draft pick.

Wait … what?


OK, well Hawtin is a big guy who throws hard, but is kind of raw and wild.

And here’s the thing:

  • First 10 appearances of the year: 9.2 IP, 0 ER
  • Last 2 appearances of the year: 1.1 IP, 9 ER

That’s how you end up with an 8.18 ERA despite 10 consecutive outings without an earned run.  And, I guess, how your coach decides not to use you in any of the important games down the stretch.


But the most interesting thing I found was this mock draft from June of 2013 — one year ago.

#2 overall: Alex Jackson.  Mariners got him at #6, of course.

#19 overall: Brady Aiken.  He ended up at #1.  He did have a velocity spike that made his stock rise considerably.

#20 overall: Hawtin Buchanan.  Yes, the M’s Buchanan with the 8.18 ERA.  He was deemed “a bit of a gamble” to take late-first-round.  A year later, he was 20th all right.  20th round, not 20th pick.

#21 overall.  Gareth Morgan.  And another Mariner!  The guy Seattle took at #74.

#22 overall:  Aaron Nola.  He ended up going right after Jackson at #7.


So.  A year ago, Morgan and Buchanan were lumped in with Aiken and Nola.  Obviously, a lot changed in the meantime, but it’s an interesting discovery.

Based on that June 2013 assessment, the Mariners got three of the top 21 players!


We don’t know what Buchanan’s status is, since Ole Miss is still alive in the CWS.  He may choose to try to regain his stature by coming back to college for his senior season.  But seniors don’t have any bonus leverage, so I’m guessing he’ll go ahead and sign even if it’s just for the standard $100,000.

And it’s worth noting that in 2010 the M’s took a chance on a big (6-6, 235) SEC pitcher (Auburn) who had lousy college stats (6.49 ERA).  Stephen Kohlscheen is now in AAA and has a 2.16 ERA with 1.1 BB/9 and 9.2 K/9 on the year.

That doesn’t mean the same thing will happen with Buchanan, but it’s interesting to think about.


2 thoughts on “And a Final 2014 Draft Item

  1. Thanks for the extra Hawtin knowledge. Like I’ve said before, the dude’s mechanics are rather hideous but he’s got the size and stuff to try to overhaul if we can sign him. He’s worth a shot, and I agree he’ll have zero leverage next year so if we offer him the full $100k he should probably take it and get his butt in the system. 😉

    Lucas Schiraldi would be interesting as a legacy kid (dad Calvin pitched with Roger Clemens at UT and was a bullpenner in the bigs for several seasons. Lucas seems to have the same control problems dad could suffer from, but lost his strikeout stuff when he jumped from Navarro College to UT. From a bloodlines and coachability standpoint though, he’s certainly somebody I wouldn’t mind adding either.

    I wouldn’t expect big things from either guy, but they’ve both got interesting paths they could take. And both Pries and Kohlscheen have shown us that you can get quality performers out of those sorts of players.

    Rookie league starts tonight. Jackson won’t be down in the AZL yet I wouldn’t think (Getting his physical with the Ms, they’ll probably have a press conference, etc) but if Morgan has his visa situation squared away he should be there. Settle in and watch the fun, right?

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