2015 Draft Candidate: Nathan Kirby


== Just dropping this in … ==

Obviously, we don’t know where the Mariners will draft in 2015, and, obviously, we all hope it won’t be near the top, and this guy ought to go near the top, but I’m just throwing this out because I can.

Sunday, my sons and I went on our annual Father’s Day outing to the College World Series.  In 2011 we saw Danny Hultzen (and various others); in 2012 we saw Mike Zunino; last year we didn’t see anyone memorable (seeing as how I don’t remember anyone, then it must be so).

This year, we didn’t see any Mariner draftees, although 20th-round pick Hawtin Buchanan was on the Ole Miss roster.  He did not appear that night (and has not appeared yet).

But, even though I’m not a scout and don’t purport to be one, I was super-impressed with Virginia left-handed pitcher Nathan Kirby, and thought I’d make a note of it here.

Kirby only struck out four in 7+ innings, and he tired a bit in the 8th and walked two (of his three total).  But throughout the game he was very impressive.  He was consistently 92-94 with his fastball.  More than that, though, it was clear that Mississippi’s strong-hitting lineup could not make good contact.  I’m not sure if the Rebels ever really squared up on a pitch.

I don’t have video from that game that I can embed, but you can find a rather elaborate highlight reel from the Virginia media folks here.

I can, however, embed this video from a very fortunate scout, who happened to be on hand with his camera on the night that Kirby threw a no-hitter against Pitt with 18 strikeouts.  Kirby faced 29 batters due to one walk and one error.

[I don’t know why the poster left in the part where he was taping through the bullpen fence, but just skip ahead to 1:26.]

Probably has no Mariner bearing whatsoever, but for what it’s worth.



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