Here Come the AquaSox …

000a02815697780_1f5eaed3ff_b== Short Season play today, Rookie ball next week ==

The season opens tonight for the Everett AquaSox, of the Short-Season-A Northwest League.

You can find their roster here, and I’ll add a few notes:

  • Former Mariner and former broadcaster Dave Valle will manage.  Valle actually got an interview for the MLB job before Lloyd McClendon was hired, despite no managerial experience, but he and the organization decided the Everett job would be a good fit.  Feature story here.
  • 17-year-old Luiz Gohara, who dazzled in rookie-level Pulaski last year, will not open the year on the Everett roster.  I don’t know if that means he’ll join later, or if he’ll go back to Pulaski.  The Everett roster often takes awhile to take shape.
  • Another guy who did well on Pulaski’s championship team will be on the roster: LHP Leoncio Munoz.  He got a shot a Low-A Clinton earlier, however, and fell flat.
  • Two guys who were once highly touted, but haven’t really taken off, are there.  Philips Castillo, who was ranked in the top 10 of many prospect lists just two years ago (including my first one), will try to get off the ground once more, and Kristian Brito, a big 1b who is supposed to be a power hitter, will also joint Everett.  Even though they’ve been around awhile, they’ll still be among the youngest AquaSox.
  • Minor league free agent Arby Fields got a 9-game cameo at Clinton, which was notable mostly for people going “why is there a guy named ‘Arby’ in the Clinton box score?”
  • Then there are seven guys already signed from last week’s draft and assigned to Everett:

Pitchers: 5th round Dan Altavilla (Mercyhurst); 8th round Kody Kerski (Sacred Heart); 25th round Vinny Nittoli (Xavier).

Position Players: 10th round C Adam Martin (Western Carolina); 14th round SS Chris Mariscal (Fresno St.); 24th round 1b Sheehan Planas-Arteaga (Barry Univ.); and 26th round SS Taylor Smart (Tennessee).


3 thoughts on “Here Come the AquaSox …

  1. I’m really curious about Gohara now, and not in a good way. He should be on that roster. I’m guessing Rigoberto Garcia is the nominal “ace” of that staff, which is kinda scary. Not that he’s bad, but he’s the youngest and is still just a big raw dude. Hope he can take a big (ha) step forward this year.

    I expect Altavilla to get starts and show well. He’s the one I’m really curious to see. Wish I still lived near Aquasox stadium…

    De Meyer’s an odd duck who I want to see against college guys, and other than that, I really have no idea who’s gonna be starting and who’s working out of the pen. Even a guy like Altavilla may do split duty to monitor innings. It’ll be interesting.

    And the offense… oof. Why are there 4 catchers? Kristian Brito is still trying to hit baseballs as a large 1B, but when he catches em they go far. He and Lumberkings pitcher Diaz were drafted the same year as long-term projects who had basically never played organized ball before. I think that’s harder on hitters., so 1B Brito is lagging as expected.

    But we have another 1B, Planas-Arteaga on this team too. So confusing. And we just drafted P-A. Tiny school D-II dude, built like a knock-kneed caveman, interesting plate potential for somebody from the middle of nowhere. Lapped his conference as a hitter, pretty much, so we’ll see how that goes.

    The rest of the hitters are basically gritty glove dudes that you hope can tap it around the field a little, or Latin guys on another turn around the block looking for better results. Everett’s a weird team this year for sure. Not quite how I was expecting it to be drawn up, but we’ll see who else shows up there in a week or two. If Gohara and Jackson swing by it gets way more interesting. In the meantime, watch some unknowns and new draftees try to impress.


  2. I notice two Britos on the team… Kristian and… Bryan, are they brothers? 2 years age difference so they could be… Hmmm, ones from Puerto Rico and one is from the DR, so… probably not 😉 Funny how names tend to clump (Like the Jabaris), or maybe our human minds are just good at pattern recognition…

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