Game 66 + Minors Rewind: Yanked!

000a0== Positive momentum crumbles beneath Yankee onslaught ==

Of course, we’ve been over this before.  Part-and-parcel of Roenis Elias’ game is being what we call “effectively wild.”  In other words, instead of pinpoint command, he throws stuff that even he isn’t sure where it’s supposed to end up.  Needless to say, there will be many times when the hitter won’t figure it out either.

And since he also mixes in different release points and different arm angles, as well as different speeds, he’ll have plenty of success with him improvisational approach.

But sometimes it means he’s going to leave balls up in the zone that good hitters will take advantage of.

And, while many of the Yankees’ aging crew might be on the downward slope of their baseball age-arcs, they still know how to capitalize on a “hitter’s pitch” — which Jacoby Ellsbury did; which Alfonso Soriano did; and which even the dearly departed (oh, no, wait, he’s still playing) Derek Jeter did (multiple times).

There will be days like that for Elias.  This one just came at a bad time, and, for those of you breathlessly following the Second Wild Card race, it put the Yanks back up in that race by a 1/2 game (and allowed the Orioles to grab that same edge).  FWIW.


We may not be mourning the looming retirement of Jeter, but let’s hope that we are seeing the passing of the Brad Miller Horribleness Phase.

Miller got a day off on May 28, and since then he’s 12-for-41 for .293/.341/.439 in 13 games.


And, welcome back, Logan Morrison!  In his second game back on an MLB diamond, LoMo delivered a home run and a double.  With Justin Smoak and Michael Saunders both out, and Jesus Montero likely to be spotted against LHP, LoMo will be needed.  His AAA stats were encouraging.

  • Hyper-detailed boxscore here.


Also of note: Stephen Pryor returned from the Tacoma DL to the active roster, but, in an even trade, Carson Smith returned to the DL with back problems.  Both are good enough for the MLB pen once healthy, but there aren’t any vacancies right now anyway.


Daily Prospect-palooza

  • Mariner affiliate scoreboard here.
  • Jordan Pries delivered seven scoreless innings without registering a single strikeout: 7.0 IP, 6 H, 0  R, 0 BB, 0 K.  That’s a lot of zeroes in a linescore that you don’t usually see that way.
  • Offensive help from Abe Lives!  Abraham Almonte penciling in his 3rd AAA homer.  Chris Taylor had a double and a single, and Jabari Blash added two singles and a walk.
  • Blash has 14 hits in his last nine games to send his batting average soaring.
  • 10 mph wind blowing out at Adelanto was enough to boost another High Desert scoring extravaganza: 18 runs on 24 hits.  Where to start?  Jabari Henry with his 13th homer plus a double and a walk?  D.J. Peterson with his 14th homer plus a single and a walk?  Maybe Tyler Smith going 4-for-4 with a triple? Or not-that-Burt Reynolds going 4-for-4 with a double?
  • Or maybe Matt Brazis and Jordan Shipers combining on 4.0 IP of relief and only giving up 1 ER while striking out five?
  • Clinton went 11 innings before falling to Burlington, the team they defeated in their epic comeback win earlier this year.  Austin Wilson had two more hits and a walk.
  • Wilson in June: .333/.440/.762.  Promote the man.

One thought on “Game 66 + Minors Rewind: Yanked!

  1. Hilariously, AFAIK neither DJ Peterson (.310/.365/.560 in a hitter’s heaven) nor Austin Wilson (.300/.380/.515 in a fair park but pitcher’s league) are All-Stars in their respective leagues. Reinheimer got the nod for Clinton (along with SS-turned-catcher Littlewood) but not Wilson. Gabe Guerrero is an All-Star – not so much Peterson.

    Feel free to promote both dudes any time ya feel like, really. I mean, DJ can stay if you want to see Kivlehan keep ripping up the field around 3B with some butchery (and I say that with love, Pat – you’re the man… just not with a glove at that position) but really – might wanna get Deej into a park where he can practice major-league hitting skills and take some walks rather than trying to loft fly balls into the jetstream. He’s had his comfortable landing after his broken face, which is what we wanted.

    Shuffle some dudes around with the new draftees hitting the system.

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