Post-Draft Roundup, Fourth Part: The Rest


00a0draft1== And there are still more … ==

First three parts went through the explanatory stuff, then Rounds 3-10 and Rounds 11-20.

So what else we got?

Well, 20 more picks, but only two who got mentioned by this guy — our “Way-Overachiever Draft Blogger” [WODB] — who made a draft board of 748 players:

  • Round 34. Andrew Summerville, RHP — a local kid who is a Stanford commit.  Ranked No. 239 overall by WODB, with a note that he’s asking for more than $1 million to sign.  So it’s a “why-the-heck-not?” kind of pick (plus his coach has Mariner connections).  WODB says more than 95% of Stanford commits end up choosing college, so don’t bank on him.
  • Round 35. Chris McGrath, LHP from Georgia high school, committed to Duke.  WODB ranks him as top-10-rounds talent.  Also unlikely to sign, and, unlike Summerville, there’s no local connection.

Then there’s a bunch of other guys, any one of whom could catch “lightning in a bottle.”  The best starter at AAA at the moment is 30th-round pick Jordan Pries, and the best reliever at AA is Stephen Kohlscheen, who was picked in the 45th round — a round that no longer exists!

The ones that are interesting to me:

  • Round 24. Sheehan Planas-Arteaga, 1b from Barry University in Florida.  You don’t see Division II hitters make it very often, let alone 1b without monster power,  but Planas-Areaga has interesting numbers.  Actually quite similar to the college numbers of someone I know is held dear by a fair number of readers:
Planas-Arteaga 46 165 64 17 0 6 41 24 0.388 0.507 0.600 1.107
Dario Pizzano 44 150 54 16 0 4 31 16 0.360 0.471 0.547 1.018

And we love the name.

  • Round 31. DeAires Moses, CF from Tennessee high school.  Prep stats are pretty meaningless, but to hit .574 with 32 stolen bases gets Moses some attention at least.  I haven’t found video, but this still photo is interesting:


He’s committed to a junior college, so it’s not out of the question that he’d sign.  And we love his name, too.


And that’s it!


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