Last-Minute Mocks: Action Jackson?

1338897293_4137_MLB Draft== A few more mock drafts roll in before the actual event ==

Here’s a set of last-minute mock drafts: Mayo Callis Baseball America CBS Sports Heyman Sports Illustrated Sporting News USA Today
Astros Brady Aiken Aiken Aiken Aiken Aiken Aiken Aiken
Marlins Carlos Rodon Rodon Rodon Rodon Rodon Rodon Jackson
White Sox Tyler Kolek Kolek Kolek Kolek Kolek Kolek Rodon
Cubs Kyle Schwarber Michael Conforto Conforto Schwarber Kyle Freeland Jackson Nola
Twins Nick Gordon Gordon Gordon Gordon Jackson Gordon Kolek
Mariners Alex Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson Gordon Aaron Nola Gordon


  • Many folks will look foolish if it does not go Aiken-Rodon-Kolek.  Which pretty much ensures that it won’t.
  • It’s been clear for awhile that the Cubs are the wild card.  The buzz is that they will take whichever player agrees to a haircut on the signing bonus.  Schwarber and Conforto are both college stars who have not been tagged as top-5 draft talents, so the assumption is they won’t get top-5 money anyway and will take the reduced bonus.  The Cubs have also been linked to Kennesaw State catcher Max Pentecost, so don’t be shocked to see him pop up there.
  • “Everyone” is viewing high school shortstop Gordon as the Twins choice at No. 5, but SI and USA Today didn’t get the memo.
  • If “everyone” is right about 1-2-3, and the Cubs taking a money-saver, and then Twins liking Gordon over Jackson, then, indeed, Jackson falls to Seattle.

I think that would be an excellent result at No. 6.

Of course, this will all be moot in a couple of hours, so I’d better post it already.


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