2014 MLB Draft: More Mocks

1338897293_4137_MLB Draft== Coming soon to a computer near you … ==

The draft is right around the corner, and there are lots of mock drafts coming out.

MLB.com Baseball America Scout.com Minor League Ball
Astros Brady Aiken Aiken Aiken Aiken
Marlins Alex Jackson Jackson Rodon Jackson
WhiteSox Carlos Rodon Kolek Kolek Rodon
Cubs Tyler Kolek Rodon Nola Kolek
Twins Nick Gordon Gordon Gordon Gordon
Mariners Aaron Nola Sean Newcomb Jackson Touki Tossaint


What you can see is that pretty much everyone agrees on the “Top 4” (it had been the “Top 5” until Jeff Hoffman slid due to TJ surgery), and that everyone seems to think the Twins are set on high school shortstop Nick Gordon.

So things could go two ways:

1. According to Form.  In which the Top 4 are picked in the top four slots, and Gordon goes to Minnesota.  In that case, the M’s have their choice of anyone they think is No. 6.  As you can see, the different mocks have different views.  LSU’s Nola and Hartford’s Newcomb seem to be the most likely, although Evansville’s Kyle Freeland is also getting mentioned.  Toussaint is not generally considered likely to go as high as No. 6, but he could be worth it, and might agree to a smaller bonus.

Nola is considered to have the shortest path to the majors, but then so did Danny Hultzen.  Newcomb is very interesting, but Nola would be hard to pass over.  Houston supposedly has him as one of the six under consideration for No. 1 overall.

2. Cubs Wrinkle.  Of all the teams likely to upset the “form” — the Cubs seem most likely.  As you can see, the Scout.com mock has the Cubs taking Nola.  Others have linked them to Kennesaw State catcher Max Pentecost.  If they cut a deal then they would have more to spend on lower picks.

If the Twins are wedded to Gordon, then one of the Top 4 could slide to the Mariners.  It almost certainly wouldn’t be Aiken, but any of Kolek, Jackson or Rodon could fall to Seattle in that scenario.  I think the M’s would be thrilled with any of them, but particularly Jackson, who is the one hitter considered worthy of a top-of-the-draft selection.



2 thoughts on “2014 MLB Draft: More Mocks

  1. Touki’s stuff is filthy. Just ridiculous for somebody that young. Everything moves – he’s got a whiffle curve that’s hilarious when you see it and his fastballs are all divers and cutters. He also has no idea where anything is going. I don’t think he could throw a straight pitch for a strike on the black if you gave him 20 shots at it, but he might curve 3 or 4 balls back over the black somehow anyway. And bounce a couple to the fence, and bean the ump, and…

    Touki is a blizzard of glorious chaos. If you believe you can show him how to throw ANY of that nonsense for consistent strikes, you draft him. He’s got a few things to work on mechanically and pulls severely off the mound to the first base side, but the raw material is unbelievable. Of course, isn’t that the case with any first-round hurler who busts horrifically? “He would have been great if only he could have thrown strikes… ever…”

    Freeland is the Anti-Touki: Perfectly accurate, good stuff, with mechanics that horrify me as a long-term starter. He slams his left (pitching) arm to a stop against his right hip, jerks his arm back and does a lil one-arm shrug after every pitch. It’s about the worst deceleration mechanic you could have, especially since he pitches mostly upper-body and doesn’t get a ton from his base. Don’t get me wrong, it absolutely works for him. He strikes out everyone, walks no one, has command of 4 pitches, throws low 90s as a lefty, and is a groundballer thanks to all the movement he too gets on his pitches. But he’s skinny and if they can’t fix that crossfire death stop, I just don’t see a long career as a starter for him. For an org like ours that JUST drafted a dude like this to have him rip his arm out of socket and cost himself at least a year and a half if not a career, this is a hard pick for me to swallow even though I think he’s very talented. Freeland is the kind of pick you lose a draft over.

    Newcomb is a raw dude from Hartford, strong frame, pitches from a bit of a butt squat but has a nice easy arm action and throws even a little harder than Freeland as a lefty. He’s basically unhittable, but he only really throws the fastball and changeup at the moment (although his slurvy-thing looks like it’ll be ROUGH on lefties once he polishes it up). He makes a living off his fastball, which he throws easily at around 93 and can go up to 96 or 97. Comes out easy and hides it well. I wouldn’t mind Newcomb – another guy we’d need to put polish on, but his frame and motion do not scare me like Freeland, even if I think Freeland is currently a better pitcher.

    All that said, though, I would guess we’re on Alex Jackson (as an expected OF) or Aaron Nola if Aiken, Kolek and Rodon are all gone as they should be. Nola’s slight frame will scare some people, but if you hate seeing Sunny Gray out there for Oakland then Nola is the same kind of dude. Aaron pitches shorter than his 6’2 thanks to a flat 3/ 4 delivery (or slightly lower) and maxes out around 94, but that’s his TWO-seamer – he’s filthy. He’s a weird pitcher and if we take him you’ll hear “safe pick” (which is weird since his size and pitching style makes him risky) or “low upside” (which is weird since he’s demolishing college ball with two pitches, essentially, though his fb/change/curve arsenal could end up with 3 plus pitches).

    Just think Sonny Gray / Andy Pettite and feel better if they call Nola’s name. He’s a straight up scary arm, and if you gave me Rodon or Nola, I would take Nola. Still not sold on Rodon.

  2. If I were drafting for the Mariners based on what I have read and seen, my order would be;
    1. Aiken , 2. Jackson, 3. Newcomb, 4. Freeland, 5. Rodon, 6. Kolek, 7. Schwarber, 8. Gettys, 9. Gillespie
    Obviously, I like lefty starters and power hitters who do not strike out much… and I really do not want to deal with Boras on this first pick.
    It should be fun to see how these guys turn out.

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