Hey Readers: Help, I Need Somebody

2453856809_1c3e7aff14_o== Not just anybody … ==


I have been working with a potential joint venturer on something that could be a very big step forward.  I think it has the potential to give fans the kind of in-depth info-tainment coverage that they can only get from sports blogs, but without paywalls or screaming, browser-crashing advertisements.

I know there are many fans who want that kind of depth, but also know that no one much wants to pay for online stuff, particularly for something as relatively frivolous as sports coverage.

Anyway, I have been working on a solution, and have found a partner interested in trying something new.  [No, I’m not going to tell you yet!]

There are many things about the sports-blog audience that they covet, but they do not want to start with just MarinerBrainstorm, since they are looking for geographical balance.  So they would like me to put together an alliance of interested bloggers that would have national scope.

Accordingly, I am looking for nominations!

Please let me know if there are independent blogs from other cities that you admire:

  • They need to be relatively established such that their readership is fairly loyal.
  • They need to be independent (not part of SB Nation or Fansided or the like).
  • They need to post consistently.
  • They need to be relatively sophisticated in terms of offering something with some depth.

This is not limited by sport!  In fact, we would like blogs from all different sports, including college.  The key is loyal following and (initially) geographic balance.

If we can get this working, then there may be opportunities to open it up to all kinds of folks, but we have to start with a core of established bloggers, so that’s what I’m trying to put together.

Let me know in the comments if you have suggestions.



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