Game 43 + Minors Rewind: Cooperstwins Overcome Actual Twins


== M’s get their money’s worth for one day at least ==

Oh, yeah, this is why they shelled out hundreds of millions of dollars to Felix Hernandez and Robinson Cano.

But did it take until May 18 for them both to rock in the same game?  Seems like it.

Felix: 8.0 IP, 7 H, 1 BB, 5 K

Cano: 4-for-5, double

And the answer is yes.  Sunday’s win over the Twins was the first game in which they both made major positive contributions.


I haven’t focused much on the RE24 stat (runs above average run expectation by 24 base/out states) (the 24 base/out states being the different possible combinations of men on base and outs), but now that I’m looking at the hyper-detailed boxscore every day (it’s here), I’ve become interested in it.

It is a way of measuring the “actual” on-the-field manner in which the player boosts or fails to boost the team’s chances of scoring or (for pitchers) denying runs. It’s sort of an ultra-sophisticated version of RBI, except it can also apply to pitchers.  Details here.

Felix has been over 1.5 (meaning one-and-a-half runs denied over average) four times.

Cano’s done it three times (and once at 1.49) … and, yes, as forecast, Sunday was the first time they both did it in the same game.


More fun with RE24:

Season Over 1.5 in a game Over 1.0 in a game
Cano 7.0 3 3
Kyle Seager 5.5 4 3
James Jones 4.6 1 1
Justin Smoak 3.1 6 2
Michael Saunders 2.1 1 3
Dustin Ackley 1.9 5 2
Corey Hart 1.9 3 2
Mike Zunino 1.9 3 4
Hisashi Iwakuma 7.3 2 0
Danny Farquhar 4.0 0 2
Felix 2.8 4 0
Chris Young 2.8 2 1
Joe Beimel 2.4 0 0
Tom Wilhelmsen 2.4 0 0
James Paxton 2.0 1 0
Dominic Leone 1.9 0 2
  • Cano has the most cumulative, but Smoak has been an “impact player” in the most games (8).
  • Seager and, yes, Zunino right behind with seven “impact” games.
  • Yes, that’s James Jones in third cumulative.  He hasn’t had a chance to collect negative impact yet.  Maybe he never will!
  • Young and Felix tied for cumulative impact, and Young just one game behind in number of “impact” games.  Young has been awesome on the field even if he’s defying gravity.
  • Beimel keeps adding little bits of goodness without any real negatives.  Is McClendon a genius at picking his spots or is it just good fortune?  Hint: it’s not BABIP-against (.350).


Corey Hart is out with a hamstring injury.  He was having a terrible May, but, as you can see above, he had at least five games in which he made a big difference.

If he goes on the disabled list, then Nick Franklin would be a likely choice, even though he’s not a big hitter from the right side, because he’s been on a tear (.376/.481/.633).  He was held out of Monday’s Tacoma game, so that’s a pretty good indicator.


Daily Prospect-palooza

  • Two of my favorite pitchers got rocked in Sacramento.  Erasmo Ramirez seems to be fading fast from top consideration.  On Sunday: 5.2 IP, 7 H, 4 ER, 1 BB, 2 K.  Not getting it done.
  • And Carson Smith, pitching for the first time since April 20, gave up 2 ER in 1.0 IP.  But in between Stephen Pryor went 1.1 IP scoreless.
  • Tyler Pike had his worst outing of the year (3.2 IP, 7 ER) as High Desert fell.  Even Pike’s good outings have been marred by walks, but of course everyone struggles some at Adelanto.

One thought on “Game 43 + Minors Rewind: Cooperstwins Overcome Actual Twins

  1. Do you have any additional info about Pryor? The walks and strikeouts are still even after more than a dozen innings. Is it a velocity issue or is he having trouble with command?

    I have a vision of Maurer, Pryor and Medina power group for innings 5-7. Oakland is a strong team in a number of ways, but I really like how they have designed their bullpen. They have shortened the game much like the Mariners did in the early 2000s with when they could lockdown the 7-9th innings. The Mariners need to get back to that (or as much to that as they can with the human tightrope walker Rodney in the 9th).

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