Game 38 + Minors Rewind: Nothing Finer

9426950554_0f0a18eec9_z== Felix is pretty Felix-y again ==

Nothing could be finer than 17 swing-and-miss strikes for the King, 11 of them on the changeup.

Last time out it was six and two.

Seven strikeouts, zero walks.

Last time out it was zero and two.

Most importantly, the command was back.  Check out how he paints the black and the corners, and leaves nothing really centered and up in the zone.


  • Felix highlight reel video link here.

The four earned runs kept it from being a complete return to normalcy — well, that and the ejection — but those runs weren’t such a big deal because … offense!


Because nothing really could be finer than the boys from Carolina (North and South) taking the wheel of the offense.

Team ISO in May is up from below-average .137 to above-average .148.

And the Floridian chipping in:

And the Arizonan via Oregon:

Still Missing in Action:


Just to be clear, I never said Romero couldn’t hit.

I said Romero couldn’t walk.

Or won’t.

In 25 MLB games and 79 plate appearances, he has one walk.

It’s going to catch up with him.

Sorry to add a downbeat note.

  • Hyper-detailed boxscore here.


Daily Prospect-palooza

  • Also over the weekend, the Rainiers added veteran pitcher Mike MacDougal, who had been pitching in an independent league.  MacDougal spent parts of 12 seasons in the majors, most recently in 2012.  He’s probably best known for the years he spent in the Royals bullpen in the early 2000s, picking up 50 saves for KC during that span.
  • Jonathan Arias got the boot to make room for MacDougal.  Our faithful commenter Tacoma Rain wonders if he’ll be missed.  I say not really.  He had flashed some interesting stuff, but not enough to rise above the whole big list of bullpen prospects.  Is MacDougal better?  Probably not, but the swap isn’t anything I would criticize.  MacDougal at least has had a taste of MLB success.
  • A light Monday schedule was made lighter by Low-A Clinton being suspended by weather, leaving only two games.
  • Tacoma got bounced around by Las Vegas, with “bad e-RAM” on the mound:  that is the version of Erasmo Ramirez without the fine command of his change-speed game.  Line: 5.0 IP, 9 H, 5 ER, 2 BB, 4 K.
  • Chris Taylor salvaged something of the night with three hits, including a triple.
  • At AA Jackson, Victor Sanchez returned from a disabled-list stint (forearm tightness) with an off-vector outing.  But no walks.  Line: 3.2 IP, 5 H, 6 R, 4 ER, 0 BB, 5 K.

2 thoughts on “Game 38 + Minors Rewind: Nothing Finer

  1. Wow. I thought Felix got jobbed by the ump on that 2-1 pitch before the bases clearing double, but according to f/x the ump did a really good job, and was quite fair to him. I wish the Emerald Queen Casino tracer and pitch f/x would show the same strike zone. My experience is that EQC is more accurate to the game I’m watching on TV, but who knows? I may be looking at it at a different angle.

    While were at it – I really hate this replay challenge stuff. It’s ruining the flow of the game. This isn’t football, and unless there is clear evidence the ump blew the call, it shouldn’t be considered. The last two challenges I remember seeing were anything but incontrovertable. Yet the unknown Eye in the Sky overturned the calls. Unless it’s cut and dried, I am going to trust the guy on the field hovering right over the play. Overturning the safe call at second base because the video suggested Cano touched the foot, not the bag – that was wrong. There is no way to tell that Cano didn’t touch the bag as well as the foot. Anyone who has slid into a base knows you can get both. The ump was right there looking at it, and could make a determination, and did. That seems to get ignored in the decision making process. Challenges need to restricted to cut and dried goofs.

  2. Regarding AA’s continued plate futility – it suggests to me that perhaps we can move a hot Tacoma hitter to Seattle and expect decent production. AA was alright in Tacoma last year – a real stud in fact (3rd in the league in OPS IIRC) and did great in his callup. His game is broken now, and it remains broken – for the moment – in Tacoma.

    I’m not sure how long we have to wait to bring in Franklin or Taylor to replace a broken Brad Miller. If the past is any indication of the future, leaving Brad to figure it out is not going to work. It didn’t work for Ackley, it didn’t work for Smoak. It wasn’t going to work for Montero. I don’t see why we think it’s going to work for Brad. It might, but why go through long stretches of Ackley-Smoak-Montero ineffectiveness when you don;t have to? Ackley and Smoak fixed their game in Tacoma, and have been markedly better major leaguers after their demotions. If Montero gets back on track, it’s going to be after fixing his game in Tacoma. Same with AA. The longer we wait for Miller, the longer it will probably take to get him fixed.

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