Game 29 + Minors Rewind: Another Close Shave

221433128_baf86e2672_z== But the bats are carrying the load for a change ==

John Buck and Willie Bloomquist?

Nothing like having the 24th and 25th guys on your roster deliver the goods, but we’ve never been down on Wee Willie as a utility guy.  He’s fine at that.  And Buck is an excellent, well, “catch” as a backup.  He flirted with being a near-star as a starter for awhile, and ought to have something left in the tank at 33.

So for the two vets to be a key part of a four-run 3rd inning, and then for Buck to deliver what turned out to be the crucial RBI in the 8th shouldn’t be too surprising.

Maybe what’s surprising is that, for the second game in a row, the offense took a multi-run lead, only to have the bullpen reduce it to one before arriving at the finish line.


Saturday it was Yoervis Medina who brought the shaving expedition to near-bloddy-mess status.  Sunday it was Charlie FurbushDanny Farquhar righted the ship, but only after allowing both of Furbush’s inherited runners to cross home plate.

Farquhar had been pre-designated as the closer, due to Fernando Rodney having gone 1.1 IP on Saturday.

  • Farq has not appeared earlier than the 8th in his last six outings.
  • Tom Wilhelmsen has not appeared as late as the 8th since April 21.  His last four appearances: 7th, 7th, 6th, 6th.

So we’re getting that business straightened around.


Pencil vs. Scotch Watch:

Down goes Pencil! Down goes Pencil! Down goes Pencil!”

Michael Saunders as leadoff hitter: 9-for-23 with 1 HR, 3 BB — .391/.462/.609

We plan more Pencil-related thoughts soon.


Daily Prospect-palooza

  • Tacoma double-header also cancelled.  I think that’s nine so far?
  • Maybe the other teams should have cancelled too, since they all got blown out.
  • AA Jackson avoided a shutout with a solo homer by Ramon Morla.
  • High-A High Desert got a solo shot from Tyler Marlette, but not much else.
  • Low-A Clinton got three hits from Zach Shank (giving him nine in three games).
  • Austin Wilson left the game after two at-bats.  No ready explanation available.



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