Game 28 + Minors Rewind: Floodgates


== An 8-spot puts away Houston, but not without a fight ==

For one inning anyway, the Mariner offense worked the way it was drawn up.

Or at least the way most of us would have drawn it up (maybe not Lloyd McClendon).


If you’ve followed this space at all, you know I prefer “doubles-and-walks” guys up and down the lineup, with couple of “sluggers who walk” sprinkled in.  Singles hitters and one-dimensional bashers should be in glove positions and/or where they can hit at the bottom of the order.  For example, I have no huge problem with Miguel Olivo batting eighth.  But if he’s batting fourth, that’s a problem.

Anyway, Saunders, Seager and Miller all showed in the minors that they could be doubles-and-walks guys, and Cano has become perhaps one of the all-time greats at it.

So it’s very cool to see doubles-and-walks producing an epic rally.

We just wonder if it’s what Jack Zduriencik planned, or if it just sort of fell upon him that way due to fortune and subordinates.  He doesn’t seem to pick managers who embrace that way of thinking.


Did Hisashi Iwakuma (6.2 IP, 4 ER, 3 K) come back with all his weapons?

Seems like it. Almost.

Here’s his all-time chart from Brooks Baseball:

Brooksbaseball-Chart (4)

And here’s Saturday:



Based on these results, it looks like his velocity was sometimes bleeding a bit down into the mid-80s, and that he wasn’t getting quite the usual vertical separation between the splitter and the regular sinking fastball.  So there’s room for improvement.


The bullpen made it a close ride at the end, with Yoervis Medina giving up a pair of runs, but Fernando Rodney bailed him out in the 8th and got to the bow-and-arrow in the 9th.


Pencil vs. Scotch Watch:

Pencil gave in.  Saunders leading off.  Abraham Almonte on bench.

Saunders got two more hits.


Daily Prospect-palooza

  • Tacoma was postponed for the 7th time this year.
  • Jackson nursed a 1-0 lead into the 9th but couldn’t hold it, losing 3-1.
  • And there was scoring all over the place in the Midwest League, with Clinton coming out on top of Wisconsin, 16-13.
  • The LumberKings got all those runs with only one homer (Austin Wilson‘s 3rd).  Wilson also added a double and ended with 6 RBI.



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