Game 24 + Minors Rewind: Kyle Seager & the Silver Bullet Band

8265778172_cf6f76ee10_z== Plus ‘Kuma Returns & Dad Montero Rocks!==

We don’t need to remind you by now that our prescription for turning around the offense wasn’t too complicated:

Sunday afternoon: Hey, it works!


We have to do this, of course:


Before Epic 11-Pitch At-Bat Home Run: .154/.273/.215 — Team 7-13

Since (and including) E11PABHR: .571/.571/1.643 — Team 3-1

Click on box, and then play video:


We decided we should check if Cano was an historically slow starter with extra-base power.  And, yes, he is, to a degree.  Here are his career splits:

PA 2b 3b HR XBH%
April/March 908 48 1 35 9.25%
May 1014 69 5 29 10.16%
June 967 53 6 33 9.51%
July 904 59 8 31 10.84%
August 1037 68 5 41 10.99%
Sept/Oct 1063 83 3 36 11.48%

But, still, his 5.9% for April 2014 is well below norm.


Brandon Maurer: did he have that cool “triangulation” going — where the fastball and change had similar movement but different speed, and the fastball and cutter had similar speed but different movement?

Yeah, kind of, although Pitch f/x was back to calling it a “slider.”  In fact, it looks like they retroactively re-categorized the pitches from the Marlins game as “sliders” as well.  But the old slider was upper-80s and this pitch is low-90s, and doesn’t have as much vertical movement.

Regardless, Maurer did have the same kind of effect going, but it wasn’t as crisp, and obviously not as effective.

So, we’ll keep monitoring it.


Pencil vs. Scotch Watch:

Pencil finally caved and put Almonte on the bench.

Scotch prevailed for the second day in a row, putting Michael Saunders at leadoff and in center field.  Saunders drew two walks.

We’ll see what happens when Pencil and Scotch head to the Big Apple.  Our money is on Pencil.


Meanwhile in Las Vegas, it was Hisashi Iwakuma throwing in an official game for the first time in 2014.  He got dinged a bit, but came out all right:

  • 4.0 IP, 6 H, 3 R, 2 ER, 0 BB, 2 K

He’s expected to get one more rehab start before returning to the majors.


Daily Prospect-palooza

  • Who’s ready to join Seager in the “Reversal of Fortune” Club?  Why, it’s Mr. Zero Expectations himself — Jesus Montero!
  • It turns out there were expectations, just involving Senora Montero.  But since the delivery, the expectations have returned to the papa.  And then some: 8-for-17 with two hits in each game and three home runs. And he even has a walk.  His three-run blast Sunday provided the winning margin, although Iwakuma didn’t go deep enough to get the win.
  • Meanwhile it was Erasmo Ramirez starting in Stockton for the High Desert Mavericks.  He gave up two more longballs, indicating he hasn’t solved his command issues.  (Stockton is not one of the Cal League parks where homers are super-cheap.)  His line: 6.0 IP, 8 H, 6 R, 5 ER, 2 BB, 7 K.
  • Finally, Edwin Diaz got knocked around in Low-A Clinton, giving up a career-high five walks.

2 thoughts on “Game 24 + Minors Rewind: Kyle Seager & the Silver Bullet Band

  1. Jim, I made a point to listen to the Rainiers game, specifically to hear how Iwakuma did. Going by memory (never the preferred option) of Curto’s call, he seemed to be a victim of BABIP bad luck in the first inning. None of the first three batters hit the ball hard (one was a broken bat gift hit), and on what should have been a routine 5-3 groundout the third baseman threw the ball into right field. The only balls in the air were the broken bat hit and a sac fly. 29 pitches in the first inning alone. 76 pitches total in only four innings, but 56 strikes / 18 balls, with a lot of grounders, some of which would be outs with Major League defense behind him. As long as he feels healthy and has no pain when throwing, I’m not concerned.

  2. If I remember properly as well… Kuma pitches better once his blister becomes a callus… and I have not even heard Kuma with a blister yet, so I think he is a long way from being ready.

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