Game 21 + Minors Rewind: Turning Point?

== Our long national nightmare is over (or not) ==




That’s the line from the “Rodney Danger” game, in which Felix Hernandez struck out nine but Fernando Rodney and Brad Miller muffed the game in the bottom of the 9th, through the Epic 11-Pitch At-Bat, in which Kyle Seager fought his way to his first home run of the day Wednesday.

There is one anomalous “six” in there, and four other “crooked numbers,” but a whole lotta goose eggs.  Fifty-nine scoreless innings out of 68, if I’m counting right.

And Seager was as goose-eggy as anyone during that stretch, going 4-for-23 with only two walks for a .174/.240/.217 line.

Thence commeth the Epic 11-Pitch At-Bat.  For which I have to steal Jeff Clarke’s “Gameday Classic Screenshot” technique.

e11pabhrSeager, you can see, went down 0-2, then fouled off no less than five tough, low-90s pitches in the strike zone, and took the three balls that were outside the zone.

Finally, on the 11th pitch, Astro starter Jarred Cosart left a fastball up and centered and relatively straight (it had the least vertical movement of any of his fastballs), and in an instant Old School Kyle was back.

e11pabhr2Scoreboard-changer, game-changer, hopefully season-changer.

And once he did that, you knew.  OK, no, you didn’t know, because you still thought they’d find a way to leave those runners on base in the bottom of the 9th with no outs.

But, you hoped. And, in retrospect you can tell yourself that you knew that he’d do it again in the 9th.  Click on the box and then the arrow to play the video.


And some kudos out to Chris Young, who battled through a squirrelly 3rd (three walks and a double) to turn in the kind of decent 7.0 IP-start the team needed.

  • Hyper-detailed boxscore here.


Daily Prospect-palooza

  • Tacoma had a scheduled day off, as if it needed one after six rainouts.
  • Jackson got a home run (finally) from Daniel Paolini, who had crushed Clinton and High Desert before crashing and burning at AA.  Maybe it will be the breakthrough he needs.  Jabari Blash added a single and two more walks.
  • High Desert got a walk-off win on an error, after Patrick Kivlehan had dramatically tied the game with a solo shot (his organization-leading 8th!).  Gabriel Guerrero had his 4th homer earlier in the game.
  •  Our favorite undrafted speedball Aaron Barbosa (‘fastest guy I’ve ever seen on a baseball diamond,” one commenter said) had a double, a walk and a steal and is getting on base at a .439 clip through 13 games.
  • D.J. Peterson was still out after his hamstring problem the other night.



One thought on “Game 21 + Minors Rewind: Turning Point?

  1. Spec. The 02000 lead was one of the all time great blog leads. My lazy eye had to read three paragraphs before I realized that those numbers had significance. At first I thought you were typing random keyboard numbers in a show of frustration, as if you pounded the keyboard and it stuck or something.

    The long string of goose egg innings is an interesting way of looking at a week of baseball. Maybe you could assign each run a note and each goose egg an ominous drum beat and play the Mariners hitting song. Then, you could overlay the track with the pitching results, except inverted, where the goose eggs sound good. perhaps in a different instrument.

    One flaw to the system: If the Mariners ever score 10 or more runs in an inning it will mess everything up.

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