Game 20 + Minors Rewind: Teal Alert!

Teal alert== He said “I don’t find this stuff amusing anymore” ==

Ah, the Good Old Days when the Mariners still seemed to be a pretty good team that was pretty good at finding unusual ways to lose close games.

Why, I remember that time that Kyle Seager lost control of a “transfer” at third base … back in ’14 it was.  In fact, you can see the ball starting to come out in this photographic image found in an old trunk in Howard Lincoln’s attic.


That was a pretty short Golden Age.

Now it seems like they’re just not very good period.

OK, Erasmo Ramirez was not an ideal choice to try to stop a losing streak, given that he was starting mostly due to the complete lack of anyone who might take his place.  He’d earned a demotion, but there wasn’t anyone to demote him under.

  • Hyper-detailed boxscore here.

Actually, though, Erasmo wasn’t bad this time.  He was mostly good: he had eight strikeouts and 19 swing-and-miss strikes.  He had the classic 92-82 whipsaw going.

But he left a couple of pitches up and inviting, as he tends to do, and the Astros delivered them over the wall.

In other words, like any non-ace, most nights e-RAM is going to need some margin of error.


And this offense seems a long way from giving any pitcher any margin of error.

We’ll have some more stat analysis later today, we hope, and there’s plenty of blame to go around, but …

  • Mariner leadoff hitters have a .267 OBP despite a .340 BABIP.  Mariner leadoff hitters don’t walk (5.6%) and strike out an unfathomable amount (34.4%).
  • Mariner No. 3 hitters have an ISO of .077, with only four extra-base hits in 20 games.

You probably guessed by now.

Mariner leadoff hitters = Abraham Almonte (20 out of 20)

Mariner No. 3 hitters = Robinson Cano (20 out of 20)

Cano will surely come around, but Lloyd McClendon‘s dogged attachment to Almonte is well into malpractice territory.

So we’re issuing a Teal Alert on this one.

Even if you’re convinced he’s your only center fielder … get the man out of the leadoff spot where he will lead the league in outs produced!


Daily Prospect-palooza

  • We have a faithful commenter who calls himself “Tacoma Rain,” but he didn’t know how accurate he’d be.  Rainiers rained out for the sixth time Tuesday.
  • That left the spotlight on AA Jackson, where two of our favorites were on display.
  • Blash Splash!  No. 4 for Jabari Blash was a three-run shot.  He has 20 walks to go with his 9 XBH.  Only a .286 BABIP is keeping him from jaw-dropping numbers.  As it is, he’s at .254/.442/.524.
  • And Stephen Landazuri‘s line was marred by a two-run homer allowed, but otherwise he was sharp: 5.0 IP, 4 H, 3 ER, 0 BB, 9 K
  • High Desert catcher Tyler Marlette had his third homer (three-run shot), and also his third steal.
  • Reports are now that D.J. Peterson was lifted from Monday’s game with a tight hamstring.  He was out of action Tuesday.

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