Mariner Squalls 04/14/14: Sun Belt Swing

1024px-Ebenezer_Colls_-_Sailboats_in_a_squall== Texas, Florida await ==

After 11 games in the Pacific Time Zone, the Mariners invade the Sun Belt with a four-game set in Arlington.

They used to call it the “Metroplex” — which sounds very corporate and Dallas-like — but apparently now they’ve agreed upon the bland “North Texas” as the catch-all appellation.  Descriptive, it is.

So it’s North Texas and then South Florida, where the Marlins will host a three-game set.  Then it’s all the way back across the continent to face Houston at home.

For the Lone Star State:

Clearly, one of those matchups is going to be much more highly anticipated than the others.  No, it’s not Beavan vs. Ross.

And then it appears that there will not be a “Hernandez vs. Fernandez” showdown in Miami, as both Felix and Jose Fernandez appear to be slated for Wednesday, and thus neither would be part of the weekend series.

That would have been epic, but Felix vs. Darvish will have to do.


News: Beavan gets nod for MLB start over Taijuan Walker

Compass Reading: More kid-glove treatment than the kid needs?

I understand the go-slow approach with Walker, given the injury.  But after he laid waste to a decent AA lineup last week, I’m not sure what more minor-league opposition will get him.

They already did the soft-landing business with his stage-managed three-start debut last September (exactly 5.0 IP each outing), and he already went 5.0 IP for Jackson.

So I’m thinking it may just be that they don’t want Walker to have to endure the cross-country trip, and that Beavan will get both the Texas start and the Florida start.

Also, they probably want to give Beavan a shot at competing with Ramirez for the spot that will remain open until James Paxton returns.  It seems like Beavan’s had plenty of shots already, but we’ll see.


News: Hector Noesi to Rangers for cash considerations

Compass Reading: Hmmm, Noesi in the Windtunnel at Arlington … I’m wondering if the cash came from Seattle to Texas?

It’s probably all a reverse-psychology ploy.

“Boy, it would sure be disappointing if we had to face Hector when we come down there.  We’d just hate to face him with men on in a pressure situation and the wind blowing out in the Ballpark.  Here’s some extra cash … just keep him off the mound when we’re in Texas, OK?  All hush-hush of course.”


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