Game 11 + Minors Rewind: Frozen


Action shot of Mariner baserunners during last two games.

== Oakland pitching casts cold spell on Mariner bats ==

How cold have the Seattle bats been in the last two games?

Well, the Official Vehicle of the Mariners is now the Zamboni.


Their bats are so cold, if they were a country, they’d be invaded by Vladimir Putin.


If they were a Disney animated feature adored by tween girls, they’d be …

OK, OK.  Let it go.  Let it go-oh …


Moving on.

  • Hyper-detailed box score.

Well, it was just two games ago that I was pointing out how the Mariner team ISO was .182, not just well above of where they were two years ago, but well above league average as well.

OK, well it’s back down to a pretty-much-average .154 and falling.

Sonny Gray Saturday and Scott Kazmir Sunday saw to that.

In fact, the M’s got only 10 hits total over the last two games of the set, with Dustin Ackley‘s double on Saturday the only extra-base hit from the Mariner side in either game.

In other words, Kazmir froze the Seattle bats even more effectively than Gray.

Kazmir, of course, was kind of a big deal a decade ago, but last year was his first really effective season since 2008.  Billy Beane brought him in with a two-year, $22M deal that looks pretty good so far.  He always finds guys like that, of course.  Brooks had Kazmir touching 97 with the fastball.

Meanwhile the Mariners’ reclamation project — Chris Young — was also effective.

Indeed, Young left after 6.0 IP with the score still tied at zero, despite seven fewer strikeouts than Kazmir.

Young was hitting high 80s with his fastball, which gets extra boost to the hitter’s eye from Young’s height, stride and approach.  According to Brooks, he had seven swing-and-misses, five with the fastball.

But Young only struck out two while walking three, so that part didn’t shine.

Still, Young got his team into the late innings with the score close, and that’s all you want from a No.5 starter.


We don’t know which is the “real” offense yet, but we do know this: Robinson Cano has hit cruising altitude, but he has not yet located the switch to re-activate the hyperdrive.

.333/.417/.381 | 2 doubles, 0 triples, 0 HR

It’s fair to expect Corey Hart to be streaky, and the youngsters like Mike Zunino and Stefen Romero, but Cano needs to be the rock, and .381 SLG, .048 ISO won’t carry the team.


Daily Prospect-palooza

  • Speaking of streaky … Jesus Montero got his second homer of the year to help boost Tacoma, but he also struck out three times.
  • Meanwhile, our man Ji-Man Choi had three singles and is off to a .450/.560/.650 start in seven games.  That’s just what he does.  He hits and hits.
  • And Chris Taylor had two singles, a double and a triple, and now has 11 hits in his first nine games.
  • Nick Franklin joined in the fun with a pair of doubles, and he has 14 hits in nine games including six XBH and six walks.  Little Nicky’s at .412/.500/.765.
  • Notwithstanding all that hitting, the Rainiers are just 4-5.
  • Meanwhile …


  • Jabari Blash is .303/.489/.606 for Jackson after Blash Splash No. 2 on Sunday.
  • Blash helped the Generals win despite an off-vector start from Victor Sanchez (5.0 IP, 4 ER, just 1 K).
  • And High Desert got a big start from big starter (6-foot-5, 210) Jochi Ogando: 4.0 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 8 K.  Ogando worked only in relief last year.

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