Game 9 + Minors Rewind: Felix Day = Happy


== OK, now this is getting historic ==

Felix Hernandez is starting to look epic.  Well, even more epic than usual.

In three starts now:

21.1 IP | 3-0 | 2.11 ERA | 0.75 WHIP | 30 K, 2 BB [2!] | 0.8  BB/9 | 12.7 K/9

He’s throwing strikes and unhittable.  Three times in a row.  Not looking fluky or streaky, just awesome.

As Jeff Clarke points out, the big difference is not that his change is better, it’s that he’s throwing it more often, and looking more like Pedro Martinez as he does.

Brooks says he threw it 24 times Friday night (or 24% of his 99 pitches), and got 10 swing-and-misses.

And, indeed, his numbers so far are looking a lot like Pedro’s brilliant run of “ERA = 2ish, BB/9 = 2ish, K/9 = 12ish, Cy Young = unanimous” kind of seasons.


Yet, despite all of that, the bullpen almost gave it away.  Luckily the offense had sprung back to life and provided sufficient cushion.

Part of that came from … Zuumball!

“No pressure” — batting 9th — is working for Mike Zunino. He’s slugging .563 through his first eight games.


Team ISO is now .182.  The recent Mariners have struggled to get over .140 (.135 in 2012).

And Robinson Cano is not even part of the parade yet (.058 ISO).  Who would have predicted that?


Daily Prospect-palooza

A couple of my favorite unheralded young pitchers had strong nights:

  • Anthony Fernandez never got it going last year, but he had a good night in Albuquerque Friday: 6.0 IP, 4 H, 1 ER, 2 BB, 8 K.  His bullpen couldn’t hold on for him, though.
  • But another of my favorites — Dylan Unsworth — had a short night, uncharacteristically walking three in just 2.0 IP.
  • Chris Taylor had a single, double and triple for Tacoma, and our man Ji-Man Choi homered.  We’re not sure why Choi hasn’t played that much, but apparently it was not due to injury or other issue — just a lot of guys to work into the Tacoma infield and DH rotation.
  • Ketel Marte can collect a lot of singles when the ball bounces his way.  He got four of them Friday for Jackson.
  • Austin Wilson is the opposite of Marte physique-wise, but he had four singles too.
  • Finally, High Desert went 13 innings before scratching out a run to outlast Inland Empire.  Dario Pizzano walked, and his pinch runner — our little speedball Aaron Barbosa — came around for the deciding run on a wild pitch.




2 thoughts on “Game 9 + Minors Rewind: Felix Day = Happy

  1. Your man Jabari Blash continues his torrid hitting in AA. Someone here compared him to Springer recently. I was skeptical, but by gosh, it’s darn close!

    Also, that was a pretty decent MLB quality lineup Fernandez shut down, and in a hitter’s ballpark besides.

    And yeah, Austin is looking like he could be really special.

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