Let’s Look at Lloyd’s Lineups

lineup5== As alliterative as Abe Almonte … ==

Eight games in, and we ought to have a pretty good sense of what Lloyd McClendon is going to do with the lineup.

So here’s the chart, with switch-hitters in blue, and left-handed hitters in red.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
vs. RH vs. LH vs. LH vs. RH vs. RH vs. RH vs. LH vs. RH
1 Almonte Almonte Almonte Almonte Almonte Almonte Almonte Almonte
2 Miller Miller Miller Miller Miller Miller Miller Miller
3 Cano Cano Cano Cano Cano Cano Cano Cano
4 Smoak Smoak Smoak Smoak Smoak Smoak Smoak Smoak
5 Morrison Hart Hart Hart Hart Morrison Hart Hart
6 Seager Seager Romero Seager Seager Seager Seager Seager
-Saunders 6th
7 Saunders Romero Ackley Morrison Morrison Ackley Romero Morrison
-Saunders 8th -Saunders 7th -Saunders 8th -Saunders 7th
8 Ackley Ackley Zunino Ackley Ackley Saunders Ackley Ackley
9 Zunino Buck Bloomquist Zunino Zunino Zunino Zunino Zunino


Here’s how it shakes out:

  • The top four have not wavered.  Every inning of every game so far.
  • It looks like, except for some RH starters, Corey Hart is No. 5.
  • Likewise, except for some LH starters, Kyle Seager is No. 6.
  • Three out of five times vs. RHP, he’s chosen to stick with Hart rather than go with the “everyone-LH-or-SH-except-the-catcher” lineup.  I think this makes sense.  Hart is better than a platoon player and McClendon wants to get him rolling.
  • Saunders has been a defensive replacement in more games than not. Of course, with Romero it’s an in-game platoon switch as well.  With Morrison it’s defense only.
  • I’m not really sure that Morrison is a better bet with the bat than Saunders, but McClendon seems quite determined to find out.  Then again, Saunders has gotten at least one at-bat in four of the five defensive-replacement games, so Morrison only has three more PAs overall.  Interesting.

Barring injuries, there probably won’t be a lot of mixing it up.  Bloomquist is the only backup infielder (yes, Ackley or Romero could play there, but the M’s don’t seem inclined to make it happen), so the opportunities to switch things around (other than the OF, which he’s already doing) are limited.


One thought on “Let’s Look at Lloyd’s Lineups

  1. I just noticed from your chart that Erasmo’s “bad start” was without his usual personal catcher (buck)… I wonder if that had an effect?

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