Game 5 + Minors Rewind: Cy High

688px-Cy_young_pitching== The season is still Young, but … ==

No, they don’t give a Cy Young award for the first week of the season.

But if they did, we nominate Felix Hernandez:

  • 2 wins (leads AL starters)
  • 14.1 IP (leads MLB)
  • 19 K (leads MLB)
  • 1.88 ERA (leads AL among those with 2 starts)
  • 0.837 WHIP (leads AL among those with 2 starts)
  • 1.3 BB/9 (2nd in AL among those with 2 starts)

In other words, no one in the AL has two better starts to kick off the year, and only Jose Fernandez of the Marlins comes close in all of MLB.

If Felix has everything on track like this all season, and the M’s are actually good, it could be historic.


Chris Young Wheel of Fortune

  • March 25: Young is told he won’t make the Nationals rotation, and he asks for his release — bad
  • March 25: Randy Wolf declines to sign clause limiting Mariners obligation to 45 days — good
  • March 27: Young signs with Mariners — better
  • April 4: Young’s first start for M’s postponed due to Coliseum grounds unplayable — bad
  • April11: Next time around already slated to be Felix Supreme Court day, as if they’d skip him anyway — worse
  • April 15: Next time M’s need 5th starter, and Taijuan Walker expected to be ready to return to majors — “Price is Right” “you lose” sound effect

Now, maybe they’ll give Young a shot in lieu of Roenis Elias, but, more likely, if he gets a shot it will be in long relief.

Which answers Tacoma Rain’s question about long relief.  Because of the off days, the No. 5 starter was going to be the long man this week anyway.  That it just happened that the canceled game was the one Young was supposed to start is another break of good fortune.

And once Walker and Hisashi Iwakuma come back, then they can decide if Young and Elias are long men in the pen or if they go to AAA.


Daily Prospect-palooza

  • D.J. Peterson had four hits, including two doubles, after homering the night before.  We predicted he wouldn’t be long for High-A.
  • Tyler Pike pitched 5.0 IP with 1 ER but did give up 3 BB while picking up the win for High Desert.
  • Another Tyler — the “Tank,” 19-year-old Tyler O’Neill — homered for Clinton and has four hits in his first three games.
  • Marcus Littlewood (watch for him) had a double, a single and a walk in the second half of the double header.

2 thoughts on “Game 5 + Minors Rewind: Cy High

  1. Spec… Nice stats by Felix. I wonder how much the young pitchers will suffer by playing the same teams in their second or third starts. Felix knows how to handle things like that. but Paxton – on opening night???
    Congrats on getting linked to by MLB Rumors..

  2. I like what I’ve seen from Chris Young so far. Elias should definitely be sent down to AAA first. I don’t think he’s ready yet. He seemed to get lucky in his 1st start and once hitters see him a few times, his stuff won’t hold up.

    After Kuma gets back, things get dicey. I just don’t want to lose Young. He’s certainly not our worst pitcher by a long shot. I’d rather have Young than Wilhelmsen, Beimel, or Medina. Leone might go back down since he’s just recently arrived but I’m sure he would do better than the other 3.

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