Me vs. The Consensus 2013, Part I — ratings differences

7421336698_88bc0f4dd6_z== Hits and Misses ==

Jeff “Dr. D” Clarke is going in for some sort of surgery today [good luck, of course!], but before that he asked for our next big “sleeper” pick.

Before I do that, maybe I should give the folks a reason to care, or not care.

I recently discovered, courtesy of Lookout Landing, that there is a site in which all prospect rankings are painstakingly compiled to arrive at a consensus ranking for each team.

You can go there right here [and, good work, my friend!].

All of which gives me a super-easy way to compare my rankings from one year ago to the then-consensus, and share it with you as so:

Consensus Rank Player Total Points Spec66 Rank
1 Taijuan Walker 236 2
2 Mike Zunino 229 1
3 Danny Hultzen 218 4
4 Nick Franklin 198 7
5 James Paxton 194 3
6 Brandon Maurer 163 9
7 Victor Sanchez 153 12
8 Brad Miller 151 6
9 Carter Capps 141 5
10 Stefen Romero 127 11
11 Tyler Pike 75 14
12 Stephen Pryor 60 8
13 Luiz Gohara 47 21
14 Gabriel Guerrero 45 16
15 Patrick Kivlehan 22 33
16 Edwin Diaz 19 36
17 Vinnie Catricala 17 10
18 Joe DeCarlo 15 22
19 Tim Lopes 14 20
20 Leon Landry 12 18
20 Julio Morban 12 15
22 Erasmo Ramirez 9 n/a
23 Martin Peguero 7 Watch List
24 Jack Marder 6 17
24 Tyler Marlette 6 26intheMix
26 Jordan Shipers 5 26intheMix
27 Chance Ruffin 4 Watch List
27 Francisco Martinez 4 40
29 Anthony Fernandez 3 23
29 Carson Smith 3 13
29 Jabari Blash 3 Watch List
32 John Hicks 1 27
32 Guillermo Pimentel 1 26intheMix


So … how’d I do?


  • Miller over Franklin.  I join in the “relative skepticism toward Franklin” category.  Everyone else had Franklin higher.
  • Doubts about Maurer.  He never has gotten the results he “should” get, and it was the same in the majors.
  • Not overrating Martin Peguero and the like.  I learned my lesson pretty quickly on those guys.
  • Carson Smith.  He was brilliant at High Desert, which should qualify anyone for a high ranking.


  • I was stubborn with Vinnie Catricala, because he showed the ability.  He just lost it, I guess.  Consensus wins.
  • Not fully trusting the scouts on Luiz Gohara and Edwin Diaz.  I tend to wait for actual results, which is why these guys were lower.  Same with Patrick Kivlehan, whom I have lower than almost everyone else, although I’m not sure that’s a “miss” yet.  On the other hand, I look good with respect to Francisco Martinez and such.
  • I probably had Carter Capps too high, but he did snag us an MLB player who’s got a significant role on the 25-man roster.

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