Me vs. The Consensus 2013, Part 2 — they didn’t rank ’em

8989606437_b04be98a27_z== Guys you would have missed if you just went by consensus ==

Here’s the guys that The Consensus didn’t sniff out at all, but I had in the Spec66 for 2013:

19. Ji-Man Choi, 1b/DH

Hit .295/.394/.535 while rising up three levels.  Same kind of rampage that Seager and Miller went on at age 22.  Not all the analysts were too crazy about them either.  Admittedly, Choi is limited to 1b on defense.  Still … so was John Olerud.

24. Stephen Landazuri, RHP

Maybe he doesn’t fit the “mold” but all he does is get guys out.  In the AA rotation at 22, so he’s doing something right.

25. Dominic Leone, RHP

Nobody else had him ranked.  Now he’s the “Next Big Thing.”  You read it here first.

Now watch him bust his shoulder or something.

26. Daniel Paolini, 1b/OF

Starting in the second half of 2012 through the first half of 2013, he was better than anyone.  33 HR,  94 walks.  Then he got promoted to AA and stopped hitting.  I’m hoping he’ll bounce back on his return trip.

28. Chris Taylor, SS

No one else had him ranked, either.  Now he’s at AAA coming off .314/.409/.455 with 84 walks and 38 steals.  And he’s supposedly better known for his glove.


  • Abraham Almonte was in my “26intheMix” (though, in fairness, he was not with the M’s when most of the rankings were made).
  • Roenis Elias was also in the 26intheMix.
  • Ketel Marte was, too, and now he’s starting at AA at age 20.

And I overrated:

  • 30. Gabrial Franca (overly enamoured with his walk rate)
  • 31. Logan Bawcom (not keeping up with the Joneses or Smith and Leone)
  • 32. Taylor Ard (a big “miss”; I got caught up in a few stats that didn’t hold up)





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