Game 4 + Minors — A.M. Rewind: Extras! Extras!

2968673839_e68ce19f77_15== When things aren’t going your way, add a dash of Blash Splash! ==

Bad umpiring was the buzz as the Mariners finally lost a game, 3-2 to Oakland in 12 innings.

And AAA Tacoma’s season-opener was rained out, Low-A Clinton also lost in extras, and High-A High Desert was blown out.

But … Blash Splash!


Elias is strong, but there are red flags

Roenis Elias went 5.0 IP and only gave up two hits and one earned run.  And many reports indicate he didn’t get friendly treatment by the umpire.

So it could have been better.  But, going by the Pitch f/x data, it looks like it could have been worse.

Check out how Felix Hernandez kept out of the danger zone.  The center of gravity of his plot is down, and down-and-away.  When he comes up, it’s up on the black.

Erasmo Ramirez was even more pronounced, leaving almost nothing up-and-centered.
But Elias left almost everything up-and-centered, and virtually nothing down-and-away.

numlocation_io.php4cBut he got away with it since his stuff was good (92-93 mph), and he mixed in a sinking fastball and change that had similar movement, but several mph difference in velocity.

A little more scouting, though, and some of those will get tattooed.

Regardless, he kept his team in the game, only to see it all end with two pitches from Hector Noesi to Coco Crisp.


There were some who questioned Lloyd McClendon‘s devotion to Abraham Almonte as center fielder and leadoff hitter.  So far, Almonte has five hits (two doubles) and three walks in four games for a .294/.400/.412 line.  That doesn’t mean he’ll keep doing it, but you can’t argue against him so far.

And Dustin “just-relax-and-go-play” Ackley (batting near the bottom of the order and no longer in a “glove” position): .313/.389/.500.


Bobby LaFromboise was lost to the Padres, as we reported, and his Tacoma bullpen spot has been taken by Clay Rapada.

Rapada has 152 games of MLB experience, but he has an amazing split:

  • vs. RH hitters: .345/.464/.611!  and only 13 strikeouts in 138 batters faced.
  • vs. LH hitters: .164/.255/.231 with 69 strikeouts in 257 batters faced.

He’s the LOOGY to end all LOOGYs — get that lefty out and give him a police escort direct to the showers before the righty bats set the outfield grass on fire.


Daily Prospect-palooza

  • Jabari Blash!  It took him all of five innings to deposit the first Blash Splash of the year over the right field wall in Chattanooga.  And it was a Grand Salami Splash.  [Can you splash in salami?  I guess you’d splash in the mustard.]  It gave Jackson a 5-0 lead.
  • But that lead could not be held by rehabbing Stephen Pryor (0.2 IP, 3 ER) and non-rehabbing Stephen Kohlscheen (1.1 IP, 1 ER).  Still the Generals got the win for the next guy out of the pen — Stephen Shackleford — with five runs in the 11th.
  • Yes, everyone in the organization is named Stephen or Tyler.  Every. Single. One.
  • Edwin Diaz got 5 K in 4.2 IP for Clinton (2 ER) but the LumberKings went on to lose in the 10th.

6 thoughts on “Game 4 + Minors — A.M. Rewind: Extras! Extras!

    • Thanks TR. I’m happy with the traffic so far and still trying to figure out what works. I understand folks have other places where they’re used to commenting, and there can only be so many of those.

  1. Even though I’ve already digested the boxscores the previous evening always interested to read your recaps for other tidbits. The three “Stephen” in a row in the boxscore was a first I think and very odd looking. Keep up the good work Spec, hope we get to see a Blash Splash in Safeco this year!

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