Analysis: Full-Season Minor League Rosters


9-year-old boy on left: “No WAY am I going to act like I think the mascot is cool.”

== Victor joins Taijuan in the AA teen club ==

Just so y’know.  It takes about four minor-league-related posts to get the same traffic as one major-league post.  So, while I know there is a devoted base out there, unless someone steps up to be a sugar daddy/mama, that’s going to be the approximate ratio of coverage.

And, yes, we will finish the MB100 shortly.  We’re trying to make all this work as a one-man band with other stuff going on as well.


Bob Dutton was the first to list the entire set of rosters, so go to his blog here for the complete rundown.

AAA Tacoma Offense

AAA Tacoma Pitching

AA Jackson Offense

  • OF Jabari Blash brings the Blash Splash back to west Tennessee.  I thought there was a chance they’d push him up to Tacoma, but he’ll get there soon enough if he keeps up his 2013 power binge.
  • No D.J. Peterson.  I suppose they’re giving him a soft landing after the broken jaw by putting him at High Desert. But it shouldn’t take long.
  • SS Ketel Marte will be in AA at 20, and if the big club needs a pure glove guy, don’t be surprised to see him get the call.  He may have already reached his ceiling as a hitter (which is to say, not high).
  • Daniel Paolini got a shot at AA last year and did a major face-plant.  He’s listed as an infielder this year, which means first base, and that’s going to make his path to the majors pretty steep.  I still don’t rule him out, though.
  • OF Julio Morban is not on the list, but will reportedly join the Generals after some extended spring training.  Injury-prone Morban broke his leg near the end of last season.

AA Jackson Pitching

  • What’s your vector, Victor?  Direct to Jackson!  Victor Sanchez is the first 19-year-old to skip all the way to AA since … Taijuan Walker in 2012.  But it’s rare, believe me.  Only prospects in the Taijuan/Felix class get picked for it.
  • We also like starter Stephen Landazuri and reliever Stephen Kohlscheen.
  • Among guys not named Stephen, we like lefty Kyle Hunter, who is set to join the team after recovering from a minor injury.

High-A High Desert Offense

  • D.J. lands in Adelanto, along with infielder Patrick Kivlehan, and OF Jabari Henry and Dario Pizzano.  Should be a productive crew in the desert.
  • I said I’d take notice of SS Tyler Smith if he got promoted all the way from Pulaski to High Desert.  Well, it happened.  So I am officially taking notice.
  • OF Gabriel Guerrero and 2b Tim Lopes struggled at Low-A Clinton, but they still got the promotion, so let’s see what they can do.
  • Tyler Marlette is getting tons of buzz as a catching prospect, so he’ll have a chance to live up to it.

High-A High Desert Pitching

  • One of the toughest jobs in baseball, although Carson Smith figured out how to dominate there in 2012.
  • Tyler Pike gets to nip at Sanchez’ heels, which is about right.
  • And don’t count out our South African friend Dylan Unsworth, who never gives up walks.

Low-A Clinton Offense

  • I like what catcher Marcus Littlewood has done, but I concede his stat line doesn’t jump out at the average viewer.  He should have moved up, but maybe he’ll make his mark anyway.
  • Look here: it’s my super-sleeper OF Aaron Barbosa skipping Everett!
  • And (yet another Tyler) the Tank Tyler O’Neill is skipping up to Clinton as well.
  • Update: it’s just a typo, but it threw me off.  The listing of “Aaron Wilson” is actually “Austin Wilson” — who will seek to continue his late-season slugging ways at Clinton.

Low-A Clinton Pitching

  • Edwin Diaz a level below Pike who is a level below Sanchez (with Luiz Gohara no doubt at short-season Everett) — The Next Generation is sorting itself out a bit, though I expect Diaz might catch Pike pretty quickly if he maintains what he did last year.
  • And the Dutch Master Lars Huijer gets a shot in the heartland as well.
  • If you’re looking for a guy who could shoot up the ladder with a bullet, in the recent tradition of Stephen Pryor, Carter Capps, Carson Smith and Dominic Leone … your man to watch is Emilio Pagan.



One thought on “Analysis: Full-Season Minor League Rosters

  1. Surprised to see Kivlehan back at High Desert. He played well there last year in over 300 PAs and isn’t getting younger. DJ I understand them trying to slow down a little, and maybe to give the High Desert folks a show for a little bit, but Kivlehan can’t be being held up for Morla at third base, not when he’ll be splitting 3B at-bats with Peterson in theory. Maybe they’re moving Kivlehan more to the OF and want to get him reps with the crazy desert wind first… because they hate him… Hopefully he’s not shifting to first. That’s quite a waste of all that speed.

    It’s gonna be a very interesting system, though. I was surprised Pike got the High Desert nod. We don’t usually make our really good pitching prospects suffer there. Pineda pitched there (and didn’t suffer at ALL while he was still adding MPH to his fastball) but we skipped guys like Walker and Erasmo and Paxton (and now Sanchez) right over it. Still, all the teams will have players to hold our interest. And Marlette should be a beast in the desert. I hope they give him more of a full-time catching gig this year.

    I want to see how much sharing goes on between Choi and Montero at 1B in Tacoma. Both guys can DH, but Choi is the better fielder and Montero needs all the work he can get there to improve. Of course, Choi is by far the less experienced player overall (Montero has almost 3000 pro- PAs compared to Choi’s 1000) and he too could use the reps. Should be fun to watch. Hopefully both guys hit like they’re capable of.

    Time for the next wave of minor leaguers to provide the depth and star-quality we’re looking for. Let’s play ball!

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