Game 1 A.M. Rewind: Dream Weavers

button-158037_640Felix is Felix

Eleven strikeouts, one walk.

movement1.phpNote how the change (the dark blue squares) just dips a little bit below the fastball, and comes in just a mph or two slower.  Very hard for the hitter to deal with that.

And if I got this to work right, you ought to be able to click on the box and watch the highlight reel.  All those “90” pitches are the change.

All the other highlights, you’ll need to click on to get the Home Depot ad or whatever.  But take what you can get.


Weaver done in by the bottom of the order

Funny how this works, when guys like Dustin Ackley and Mike Zunino aren’t expected to carry the load, but are just extra guys hanging around batting 8th and 9th.

And when Jered Weaver might have thought he’d gotten over the hump when Logan Morrison was out at the plate in the 6th, here comes Ackley with a single and Zunino pounding a triple off the 390-foot marker.

Exit Weaver.

And Abraham Almonte pounced right on Fernando Salas to give the M’s the lead for good.


Fun bottom-falling-out business at the end

Once the Halos were done in, then all manner of joyous ripping took place, mostly including Justin Smoak crushing one into the right field seats, and then Ackley returning to clear the bases with a triple down the line.


Barkeep earns his keep for today

Tom Wilhelmsen is now going to be the guy to keep things close in the 7th and 8th, and he did that.

He came in dealing 96-97, and, while he was missing a lot, he was missing down-and-away.  This chart ignores handed-ness, and just shows inside/outside relative to the given hitter.

numlocation_io.php1He wasn’t super-sharp, but he kept out of danger, and considering he was sent out there against Albert Pujols, Josh Hamilton, David Freese and Raul Ibanez, that’s what he needed to do.


1-0.  We’ll take it.


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