Mariner Squalls 03/26/14: News, Notes & Navigation

1024px-Ebenezer_Colls_-_Sailboats_in_a_squall== Quick compass readings … ==

News: Randy Wolf bails too

Wolf was offered a roster spot, but with the condition that he sign an agreement that he could be released within 45 days and the Mariners would not be obligated to pay a full year’s salary.  Wolf walked away.

Compass Reading: More good news on the others

The Scott Baker decision was a positive reading on Erasmo Ramirez.  E-RAM was the guy they wanted after the injured starters came back.

The Wolf decision is a positive reading on the injured guys.  They aren’t expecting to need a long-range stopgap for Hisashi Iwakuma or Taijuan Walker, so they weren’t going to obligate themselves to pay for one.

That’s good news.

Are they leaving themselves without a safety net?  Sort of.  But note that Erik Bedard and Freddy Garcia both got released yesterday, too.  So it’s not like Baker and Wolf were the only recycled veterans who know their way to Seattle.


News: No, there is another

Tired of the endless carousel of veteran retread rotation candidates?  Thought that we were done with Blake Beavan and Hector Noesi already?  Warm and fuzzy about Cuba escapee Roenis Elias, but freaked silly about him starting games that count?

Reintroduce yourself to Brandon Maurer.

Except he’s been injured too.  Except now he’s back.

Compass Reading: McClendon nails it

You can look it up, but our take on Maurer was always that reports of his stuff didn’t match up to his results on the mound.

Great stuff, but for whatever reason, he’s not good at converting it into outs.

[To a lesser extent, that is also our take on James Paxton, by the way.]

So what did Lloyd McClendon say after Maurer’s return to the mound?

“It’s just electric stuff,” McClendon said. “His stuff is as good as anybody in camp. I think we all know he has electric stuff, he just has to some way find his inner peace for that stuff to work for him.”

In other words, maybe [though not right away] the fall-back position doesn’t have to be crossing your fingers with Beavan-Noesi-retread.  Maybe it’s getting Maurer to figure it out.  Of course, that involves finger-crossing too, but at least with a guy with something to offer.


News: Nick Franklin in the outfield

After “working on it” with coach Andy Van Slyke for “three or four days.”

Compass Reading: Trade market not hot enough

Maybe Franklin didn’t sufficiently impress the Mets with his glove, and maybe no one will pay top ransom for a second baseman right now.

But it looks like Franklin is going to stay property of the Mariners for awhile, so they better figure out how to get him in the lineup.

Franklin says he played OF on a select team in high school, and shortstops can play anywhere anyway.  Maybe he’s right.

The bigger problem is that Franklin’s below-average RH bat doesn’t solve what the M’s need from that roster spot.

He’s a sub for Logan Morrison when they need a sub for Corey Hart.  And keeping Franklin on the MLB roster might squeeze out Stefen Romero — who really is a RH sub for Hart.

Actually, if they keep Franklin and Hart avoids the disabled list, they should consider keeping Romero instead of Morrison.  That would make sense, but I don’t foresee it.


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