Late March 40-man Roster Analysis

Lola_T332_at_Silverstone_Classic_2012== How many moves? ==

Scott Baker is now off the list of guys who might need a 40-man roster spot, but that doesn’t necessarily solve everything.

There are still some guys they [will]/[might] need to add:

But first, I had been going on the assumption that Danny Hultzen would be on the 60-day disabled list, and that would open up a 40-man slot.

But, apparently, what they’ve done is put Hultzen on the Tacoma disabled list, which avoids Hultzen running up MLB service time.

Also, however, it apparently keeps him on the 40-man roster.

**Correct me if I’m wrong!  Because I’m not certain about that.**

So … if that’s accurate, then let’s look at the removal side.

First, let’s clarify: once guys with options are designated for assignment they can be assigned to the minors if they clear waivers.  This already happened to Chance Ruffin during the winter.  No other team put him on their 40-man roster, and since he still has options, the Mariners retained him, just not on the 40-man anymore.

That’s not true of guys out of options or veterans beyond club control, however.  Once a veteran player without options is DFA’d and clears waivers, the club can ask him to accept a AAA assignment, but he can decline and become a free agent.

So here are the guys in a position to get removed:

  • Hector Noesi is out of options so if he doesn’t make the bullpen they’ll have to let him go (and no love lost really, though he has a 2.77 spring ERA).
  • Blake Beavan has an option, but they might expose him to waivers, thinking he might clear with his 6.46 ERA, and that they might not care all that much if he doesn’t.
  • Nick Franklin could be traded, but he’ll probably bring back players who will be on the 40-man so it’s probably not helpful in that regard.
  • If they decide Beimel is better than Lucas Luetge, then they’d probably expose Luetge to waivers (or Bobby LaFromboise).
  • Jesus Sucre could be exposed to waivers.  I think that’s how the Mariners got him from the Braves in the first place.  I know they like him, but they may decide he might make it through waivers due to his limited offensive potential.
  • Similarly, late in the spring, you can slip guys like Anthony Fernandez through, since he’s not really close to an MLB role and is coming off a down season.

We’ll see how it all shakes out.

Update: I think they’ll keep Carlos Triunfel since they don’t have a “true” backup shortstop around if they trade Franklin.  Bloomquist doesn’t really count and Chris Taylor hasn’t played above AA.


One thought on “Late March 40-man Roster Analysis

  1. Wow… I had not thought about possibly releasing Beavan or Fernandez, but that does make sense – and it opens a few spots. I fully expect a rotating door for the back end of the bullpen because of over usage, so more openings will make that possible. I think we have to expect the young pitchers to go into a funk at some point – meaning a few starts in a row where they do not get past the 2nd inning… thus the long men will be very important to this team this year… be it Noesi, Beavan, Wolf, or Maurer.

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