MB 100 | Top 40 | No. 40 Aaron Barbosa, OF

40== A little Nor’easter blows in from Boston ==

MB 100 No. 40 — Aaron Barbosa

OF | 2014 Age 22 | Bats: LH | 5-10, 157

Undrafted in 2013 draft out of Northeastern

2013 Ranking: unranked

2013 21 Pulaski APPY Rk 30 123 101 23 36 4 1 0 6 19 3 19 14 .356 .455 .416 .870
1 Season 30 123 101 23 36 4 1 0 6 19 3 19 14 .356 .455 .416 .870
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Generated 3/13/2014.


Spectometer Analysis

Year Age Lvl HR% BB% XBH + BB% ISO K% PSA+ Conv+ Comp
Age Arc Slugger > 4% Goal > 8.5% Goal > 19% Goal > .200 Goal < 20% Strong Prospect > 100
2013 21 “+2” 0.00% 15.45% 19.51% 0.060 11.38% 133 72 105


Special Sauce:

  • Had 19 steals in 22 attempts at Pulaski after 19 steals in 22 attempts in the Cape Cod League
  • Stole a base 33% of the times he reached base
  • Struck out only 14 times in 123 PAs




“Historically” (as in: this is the third time I’ve done this kind of ranking — Quality Internet Prospect Stuff Since 2012!) I set aside the No. 40 slot for “taking a flyer” on someone.  The first year it was Ji-Man Choi, who was coming off a back injury and had missed the entire prior season.  I couldn’t even find any news reports indicating if he was still under contract or if he would ever play baseball again.  But I believed, and I put him at No. 40 anyway.  That worked out.

The second year it was Francisco Martinez, who had been a flop, but was being “re-made” as a center fielder.  That didn’t work out.  So I’m 1-for-2 so far.

For 2014, it’s the undrafted Aaron Barbosa, to whom I already gave a “radar alert” article.  After his junior year at Northeastern,he went unpicked in the draft, but went to the Cape Cod League to build up his resume and ended up with a Mariner contract and a ticket to Pulaski.

The small Massachusetts native doesn’t seem to be any great risk to break into triple-digit ISO (meaning: no power), so he’ll have to make up for it with tons of speed and patience.  So far, so good.

Being left-handed and fast, he ought to run a high BABIP (which he’ll need, because: no power), and — with his low K-rate — he’ll be putting the ball in play a lot.

Add to that approach a high walk rate, and you’ve got a ticket to on-base goodness.

And there’s a place in the game for guys who get on base and disrupt on the basepaths, particularly if they can play in the middle of the field (Barbosa played 17 games in CF and 10 games in LF).

Is he a longshot?  Oh, yeah.  But we like cool longshots more than low-upside guys.


Extra Innings:

You gotta love the every-dude kinda-nerdy vibe from engineer-in-training Barbosa’s interview with a journalism student while a sophomore at Northeastern.  And how he was trying not to get caught checking her out.


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