More No. 6 Draft Pick — Gordon Gross on Michael Gettys + Links

6-2== Georgia high schooler gets nominated ==

If you’re not familiar with Gordon Gross, he’s a long-time denizen of this little corner of the internet (he used to post under the name “g_money”), and a successful (well, we hope he’s successful) author of sci-fi detective fiction.  Find his author page here.

He’s also a Mariner fan and amateur MLB draft guru, so we always look forward to his take on the draft.

I was hoping he’d identify someone I’d missed, and he didn’t disappoint, with his nomination of Georgia prep outfielder Michael Gettys.  Soon after, commenter kyleh35 chimed in with the same thought.

First, here’s Gordon’s take:

I still want Michael Gettys, a HS OF. He runs like the wind, swings like he’s chopping down the beanstalk, and generally has The Look of a 5-tool deadly presence in CF. Trout-like, to make a comparison he’ll never reach, but his batspeed is incredible and his hand-eye ain’t bad. He’s also got “game changing” speed, btw, and I like his swing more than Turner’s as well as his upside. He’s raw and relies on that batspeed a little too much, but he’s one of a few teen bats worth a look.

In fact, this is another year I’d probably look HARD at the prep hitters if one gets down to us. Last year I liked Frazier and Meadows quite a bit even though my choice was DJ Peterson – this year’s teen hitters are comparable or better than that duo. I think Gettys, Jackson and Gatewood will probably all go top 10, and of the three I like Gettys best at the moment.

He had me at “Trout-like.”  (And he’s not the only one to use that, although, like Gordon, most folks immediately qualify it with “of course, not really.”)

Let’s take a look:

Needless to say, outfielders who can hit is an area of long-term need, and a center fielder who can hit?  Well, do we have one of those?

So Gettys is certainly moving up on the list.

Here are a few more takes:

Minor League Ball (with more video)

Baseball America (from last summer)


2 thoughts on “More No. 6 Draft Pick — Gordon Gross on Michael Gettys + Links

  1. You gotta like the fact that everyone says this kid will more than willing to put in the work to become the best he can be…

  2. Watching Gettys swing bothers me. Odd early foot plant, then mid swing hesitation and he seems super stiff. It’s not a beautiful sports motion. Maybe effective, but from eyeballing the first swing gives me a bad feeling like the first time I saw Jason Place take a cut. I love how Gatewood swings the bat, just looks like a natural hitter. Plus Gatewood would give us a dynamic Clovis HS duo to go along with one of my super duper sleeper favorites, Isaiah Yates.

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