Alias Smith and Leone … Smith = Nelson?

== After Everyone Stopped Watching, Very Cool Stuff Happened ==

The best part of Friday’s game came in the 8th and 9th, when the keeping-score part was long since pointless, but two of my favorites, and two guys who I’ve been pumping for a year and a half now, took the mound.

Carson Smith and Dominic Leone are not widely known — yet.  And their appearance at the end of a 12-1 game didn’t cause any ripples.  Except here.


Smith struck out the side in the 8th, facing four batters and yielding a single to the other dude.  His last two strikeouts came on called-strike-three sliders.

And now we have some Pitch f/x data for Smith, and let’s take a look courtesy of the invaluable

Carson  Smith1

Smith was “effectively wild” with the 93 mph fastball and then throwing deadly strikes with the 86 mph hard slider.  Check out the whole deal here.  We’ve been calling him Jeff Nelson 2.0 for awhile now.

And maybe you recall that Nelson was the key to both the 1995 and 2001 bullpens?  Tall RH guy comes in sidearm with deadly slider?

Well, heeeeeeeeeere’s Carson!

And, heeeeeeeeeere’s Nellie (unfortunately different camera angle):

Nelson pitched just prior to the Pitch f/x era, but reports at the time indicated his fastball was low-90s and his slider was 4-6 mph slower.  So similar to what Smith is dealing.

Stay tuned.


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