Franklin to Rays? Some Potential Pitching Targets

Mobula_breaching== Quick Shift of Focus ==

After all the Mets focus in the last few days, now we get word that the Rays are also interested in a Nick Franklin trade.

So we figured everyone would need some Rays analysis.

Note that these are minor-league players only, run through the Spectometer analytical machine.


For the pitchers, I only grabbed starters and guys who were in full-season leagues.  That eliminates a fair number of options, but the Mariners are stocked with teen and early-20s pitchers in the low minors.  And I don’t think Franklin will be traded for a reliever.

Year Age Lvl HR% BB% XBH + BB% ISO K% PSA+ Conv+ Comp
Age Arc Goal < 1% Goal < 6% Goal < 14% Goal < .100 Goal > 20% Strong prospect > 100
Benjamin Griset 21 “+2” 1.04% 3.46% 9.69% 0.088 19.03% 134 107 141
Taylor Guerrieri 20 “0” 1.92% 4.21% 8.81% 0.096 19.54% 130 111 140
Dylan Floro 22 “+1” 0.75% 3.92% 9.70% 0.085 18.47% 131 107 138
Jake Odorizzi 23 “0” 2.43% 8.11% 14.00% 0.121 25.15% 114 108 121

Upon further digging, there are two guys acquired by Tampa Bay over the winter whom we should also list:

Year Age Lvl HR% BB% XBH + BB% ISO K% PSA+ Conv+ Comp
Age Arc Goal < 1% Goal < 6% Goal < 14% Goal < .100 Goal > 20% Strong prospect > 100
Nate Karns 25 “+3” 2.54% 8.51% 15.22% 0.142 28.08% 117 110 127
Matt Andriese 23 “0” 0.89% 5.19% 12.70% 0.108 18.78% 119 100 119

Now, unlike the Mets, there are a few guys who show up on the top prospect lists who don’t float to the top of our batch processing: most prominently Enny Romero (74-101-75) and Alex Colome (92-100-92).

A few notes:

  • Odorizzi came over from the Royals in the James Shields trade, and had a strong season in AAA while flipping back and forth between Durham and Tampa (three different MLB tours).  Can’t deny that he’s MLB-ready if that’s what the M’s are looking for.
  • Guerrieri is also at the top of most lists, and probably had the best season of any Rays pitching prospect. He might fit with what Seattle most needs in terms of “filling the gap” between the MLB-ready guys and the very young crop, although he’ll only be 21 himself.
  • Andriese was picked up from the Padres in a multi-player deal, and is interesting, but would need to be part of another package in a Franklin deal.

Will try to do analysis of Rays hitters soon.


Edit to add: I meant to also point out that the Rays-M’s talks supposedly hit a snag when Jeremy Hellickson (a member of the Rays rotation) was diagnosed with elbow issues that required surgery, provoking the Rays to reconsider parting with MLB-ready pitching.  That might imply that Odorizzi or Rays starter Chris Archer were part of the deal, or that a bigger package including David Price was under discussion.

Obviously, a Price deal is a whole different animal.


One thought on “Franklin to Rays? Some Potential Pitching Targets

  1. Love the new site! Long time reader of SSI but first time I’ve commented. I feel like this site along with SSI and Prospect Insider tend to have the most realistic outlook on our kids while other sites tend to undervalue our guys. I think people forget exactly what Nick Franklin is, he’s a switch hitting middle infielder with power from both sides of the plate that at 22 had a RC147 at AAA and has shown an advanced understanding of the strike zone. Hes been young for every league he’s played in and has at times looked a bit over matched but once he’s made adjustments he’s raked. If he still had prospect statues he’d crack a lot of top 20 list. I guess my question would be is a guy like Moore or Jennings completely out of the question?

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