Whoa! Jack Z Unloads on Jesus Montero!

??????????????????== ‘Nuff Said ==

I have zero expectations for Jesus Montero.

Any expectations I had are gone.

We are disappointed in how he came in physically.

It’s up to him.

He’s got a ton to prove.

It’s all on him.

We can’t give it to him.

And it’s not going to be given to him.

I’m not counting on him.

I’m not expecting anything.

Whatever he does, he’s got to get our attention that’s how I’m looking at it.

He’s got to prove it us.

We’ve got players here that want to be big league players and want to be big league players for a long time, in his case, he’s still got that to prove yet.

He hasn’t taken that next step where he’s got everyone’s attention.

In the end, it’s Jesus’ life.

It’s Jesus who has to make a call on this.

He has the ability to get over the hump and he should.

But if he doesn’t, then shame on Jesus.


All quotes from Jack Zduriencik in one short blog post from Ryan Divish.

Did you get all that, Ryan?

Gosh, I wonder how Jack really feels?


Next question: Will it work?


One thought on “Whoa! Jack Z Unloads on Jesus Montero!

  1. Montero has fallen far and fast. I still have a little hope that he can turn it around but not much. I’ve give him about 15-20% chance of being a major leaguer 4 years from now. Considering he was the #6 prospect in baseball 2 years ago, that’s a significant downgrade. I do like his high line-drive percentage and he does have some power but his lack of defense and snail-like movement pretty much means he has to dominate with the bat. I’m not sure if he can do that.

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