Mariner Squalls 02/20/14: Aledmys Who?

OrHi 984== Diaz, it is ==

The Mariners are one of seven teams linked to 23-year-old Cuban shortstop Aledmys Diaz.

He’s considered close to major-league ready.

Of course, the M’s already have two major-league ready shortstops, age 24 (Brad Miller) and 23 (Nick Franklin), so it’s not exactly an area of need.  Diaz can also play second and third, but those spots are pretty much taken as well.

And, of course, we’ve seen what a crapshoot Cuban players can be.

So it doesn’t seem particularly likely, but one never knows.  Neither Miller nor Franklin is an overwhelming glove guy — they are bat-first shortstops.


Manager Lloyd McClendon wants “steady” play at short rather than “flashy,” and his model is Jhonny Peralta.

I don’t recall most folks thinking Peralta is a great defensive shortstop, so that goes up with “not caring much about OBP from his leadoff hitter” and “maybe three lefties in the bullpen” as quizzical things McClendon has said in the early days of camp.

But you can’t go much by what managers say, as opposed to what they do, so not much point in getting worked up yet.

[As it happens, if the Cardinals sign Diaz, it might move Peralta to third.]

It is noticeable that McClendon seems to use the word “fundamentals” in every sentence.  It’s might be his tendency anyway, but it also seems to be a tone that the higher-ups want to set as well.  Not a bad thing.


No big surprise that three Mariners made the Baseball America Top 100 Prospect List.

Of course, had they not been pushed into MLB action last year, Mike Zunino, Miller and Franklin would all have been candidates, as would injured Danny Hultzen.


Also no big surprise that no Mariner transactions made Dave Cameron’s list of the Top 10 off-season moves.

The Nationals steal of Doug Fister is No. 1.


2 thoughts on “Mariner Squalls 02/20/14: Aledmys Who?

  1. Check the advanced defensive metrics on Peralta. Confirms what McClendon is saying. Solid. (Exceptional a couple of years, in fact.)

    • Fair enough. May have been a little too off-the-cuff there, though there are many who contend that he’s not as good as the stats make him look. But in terms of getting to the balls hit to him (as McClendon was saying) he does rate pretty high. Thanks, Rob!

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