Late-January Mariner 25-Man Roster Checkpoint


“Checkpoint Charlie” by wiredforlego (

Let’s go up to 35,000 feet for a moment and see where things stand with the 25-man roster.

We’ll assume that they’ll go, as they have for many years now, with 12 pitchers.

So here’s the landscape for the 13 position players, with the “running total” in parentheses.  Non-roster invitees are in green and speculative additions are in red:

Catcher Mike Zunino (1) John Buck (2)
First Base Justin Smoak (3) Corey Hart (4) Logan Morrison (5)
Second Base Robinson Cano (6) Nick Franklin (7) Willie Bloomquist (8)
Shortstop Brad Miller (9) Nick Franklin Willie Bloomquist
Third Base Kyle Seager (10) Nick Franklin Willie Bloomquist
Outfield Michael Saunders (11) Corey Hart
Dustin Ackley (12) Franklin Gutierrez (13) Abraham Almonte?
Logan Morrison Endy Chavez
Nelson Cruz
DH Corey Hart Logan Morrison
Nelson Cruz

So there are already 13 guys who are presumptively on the roster, and it’s fair to say that they expect to stash Endy Chavez at AAA as insurance.  Even without Endy, there’s no room for Abe Almonte if Ackley, Franklin and Bloomquist are all on the team.

The only position player they still seem to be linked to is Cruz.  Clearly, his bat is a better roster fit then anything else.  He’d most likely squeeze Franklin or Ackley off the roster and set up a complex 1b-DH-RF rotation with Hart and Morrison.  Still, they’d make room for him if they got him at a reasonable price.

The pitching landscape is a lot more wide-open:

Starters Felix Hernandez (14)
Hasashi Iwakuma (15)
?? (16) Ubaldo Jimenez
Ervin Santana
Scott Baker
Erasmo Ramirez
Brandon Maurer
Taijuan Walker (17)
James Paxton (18)
Closer Danny Farquhar (19)
RH Bullpen Tom Wilhelmsen (20)
?? (21) Stephen Pryor (injured)
?? (22) Yoervis Medina
?? (23) Hector Noesi
Logan Bawcom
Luis Ayala
Carson Smith
Dominic Leone
Ramon Ramirez
Logan Kensing
Mark Rogers
Matt Palmer
LH Bullpen Charlie Furbush (24)
?? (25) Lucas Luetge
Bobby LaFromboise
Joe Beimel
Nick Hill

All reports have indicated that Baker is the best bet for the “Veteran No. 3 Starter” role, though they may be waiting to see if the prices come down on the other guys.  That probably means that e-RAM and Maurer get held in reserve.

And the bullpen is a free-for-all at the moment.  Ayala seems to be the only outside guy they’ve been linked to.  Pryor was once considered possible for Opening Day, but the latest reports indicate he’ll probably miss a month or two.

So it’s looking like a whole-buncha-spaghetti-on-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks in that area.  There’s no shortage of candidates, but lots of shortage of certainty.


4 thoughts on “Late-January Mariner 25-Man Roster Checkpoint

  1. Not sure how the fans will react when a guy with Ayala on his back comes in to relieve in a close ballgame. Also, there’s kind of a “wow” factor when you look over that first list and come upon the name Robinson Cano.

  2. Things look like they are starting to come together. We are still heavy on “if’s”, but moderate improvement from the kids will have us in the thick of our division. It seems like Stars and Scrubs could be our ticket. The scrubs from the last few years have been more black holes, so its good to see that our floor has risen abit. We were in a bunch of games last year that the bullpen threw away, so I feel like that should be bolstered with actual talent. We’ve been relying on scrubs out there for years, which I see the value in, but its time to develop a shutdown pen, not a skate by pen. Plus, if we have any hope for playoffs, gonna need it. Sorry, optimistic futurecaste-rambling….

  3. Hard to imagine Yoervis Medina NOT making the 25-man roster out of Peoria, based on his performance last year. Beyond him… you’re right, plenty of opportunity! I’m rooting for Noesi- hoping he’ll recover whatever it was that Jack/Tom saw in him, to make them take him in trade over Ivan Nova.

    On the Player (as vs. Pitcher) side, seems like too many 1Bs, and too many 2Bs. Sounds like Hart has a great arm; if his knees are sufficiently recovered, then perhaps he solves our 1B/DH logjam by playing RF against LH Pitchers. Willie stays- 6M reasons- so, either Franklin or Ackley goes. If Hart can’t play RF, then I can’t see LoMo (or, JSmoak, if he gets off to a slow start) making the team. They don’t need THREE 1B/DH types- we learned that LAST year!)

  4. There are too many wild cards to go all in on any possible hand until we see what’s dealt. The rotation killed us last year and ran the bullpen into the ground so they are my personal primary concerns this year. If they are marginally adequate there should be enough offense available to get to .500, even in the reloaded AL West – or not.

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